Huskies, Northern Lights & Arctic Fjords


Experience the raw beauty of Northern Norway onboard this huskies, northern lights, and Arctic fjords cruise expedition. Departing from the Arctic capital, Tromsø and going straight into some of the most sought-after Arctic activities.

You will get to experience 6 all-inclusive days of adventure with unique activities that apply to each location. From husky dog sledding, learning about the indigenous people of Scandinavia, Sami people, and getting to know and feeding some of their reindeers to northern lights excursions in the Lofoten Islands and on the Arctic Train. All while enjoying traditional Arctic cuisine along the way.

There will also be a few extra treats. You will go up the Fjellheisen cable car for a picturesque view of the city. You will also get treated to an exclusive Viking immersion experience, visit idyllic and historical fishing towns like Nusfjord, and may even get to spot some amazing wildlife in the sea and in the Arctic sky.

Day 1

At 09:00 we will welcome you to the Norwegian Travel Basecamp in the center of Tromsø City at Sjøgeta 16

Our expedition team will then drive you to a wilderness camp where we will meet adorable huskies and go sledding with them. After our dog sledding excursion, we will have an opportunity to bond, cuddle and take pictures with our energetic husky partners. We will finish off this experience by having a cozy meal by a bonfire.

We will then head to Narvik, where the biggest WWII battle on Norwegian ground happened. Here you will have free time to explore this historical mining port and choice of museums you can visit.

After this historical experience, our expedition team will drive us to Quest, our ship, where you will be introduced to the program and safety briefing. This will be followed by a three-course Arctic cuisine dinner that will prepare you for your northern lights experience onboard the Arctic Train.

In this scenic journey you will learn about the northern lights and end at our northern lights’ basecamp, a perfect place to search for the Aurora Borealis.

Day 2

We wake this morning with a view of the stunning photo island, Skrova, which is our first sign that we have arrive at the famously beautiful Lofoten islands.

Skrova is also known as Lofoten’s Hawaii because of its low rain days and long sunny days. We will debark from the ship to visit and explore Skrova and it’s beautiful ocean and beach views and it’s unique outdoor photo exhibitions.

After this small island experience, we will continue to sail on our legendary route till we reach Henningsvær, “the Venice of the North”. We will get a taste of the history of cod in this fishing village and our fisherman guide will take us on a 200-year journey of the famous Full Steam, cod liver oil factory, and the significance it has on Norwegian history.

Day 3

This morning we will head to the World Heritage Site in Lofoten, Nusfjord. One of the oldest and best-preserved fisherman’s villages in Norway.

We will take the RIBs out to get to land and take a guided tour through the village, conserved as a museum, and learn about the historic Arctic lifestyle of fisherman and the lifecycle of the industry here.

We will then travel together back over 1000 years in time to the famous Lofotr Viking Museum and longest Viking Longhouse. Here we will have a proper Viking feast for lunch as we are entertained by Vikings traditions.

After lunch we will travel to “the gate of the Lofoten Islands” Svolvær. A town with a mix of surprising urban life with contrasting natural scenery that takes your breath away.

After dinner, we will have a walk to explore and search for the northern lights.

Day 4

We will then continue our sailing towards Raftsundet and into the famously beautiful Trollfjord where, if the weather permits, we will embark and launch our RIBs again. This will get us close and personal to the majesty of the mountains on both our sides on this narrow and beautiful path and we may even spot the rare large bird of prey of the area, the White-Tailed Eagle.

This is also one of the preferred places for our crew to encourage you to face a challenge of endurance in a polar plunge into the Arctic Sea. We will first be educated on the benefits and techniques, practice what we have learned before deciding to take on the cold in our invigorating polar plunge.

After that unforgettable fjord experience, we will continue sailing towards Sortland until we reach a Sami camp where we will learn about their culture and their long history with reindeer herding. After which we will get to feed and engage with the reindeers.

Day 5

We wake up the next morning ready to use our expedition spirit northwest of Andøy. This is the leading whale watching destination in Norway though it is also open sea with unpredictable sea conditions. Here we will search, spot, and photograph whales. We also have the option of docking if conditions are unfavourable and still learn about whale migration patterns and other interesting facts at the local museum and by our expedition team.

After all the fun, we will continue towards Tromsø and our team will present you with all the amazing moments we spent together and all the amazing places we visited and experiences we had in a slide show.

We have our final three-course Arctic cuisine dinner tonight after which we will prepare you for your last excursion in Tromsø, northern lights at the top of Storsteinen Mountain.

We will take the Fjellheisen cable car to the top of the mountain where we will get a spectacular view over Tromsø and its fjords.

Day 6

We will wake up on Quest this morning in Tromsø. At approximately 10:00 we will disembark, and our team can help you determine the best form of transportation to get you back to your accommodations.


  • The Husky Experience
  • Northern Lights Hunting
  • Whale Watching
  • Arctic Cuisine
  • Wildlife & Nature Photography Tips
  • Historical Arctic Attraction
  • Ocean Facing Cabin


Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Coffee, Tea & Snacks

Professional Expedition Team

All Bus Transfers

Wildlife & Nature Photography Tips

Fjellheisen Cable Car

5 Nights of Northern Lights Hunting

Sami Cultural Experience

Lofotr Viking Museum

Historical Fisherman's Village

Whale Watching

Arctic Huskies - Dog Sledding

"Full Steam" - Experience the Cod Fishery Museum

Scenic Raftsund and Trollfjord

Northern Lights Express with Arctic Train

Nusfjord- a historical fisherman’s village

Narvik historical site

RIB Excursions


Please note that the expedition programs for all tours may be adjusted due to factors such as weather forecasts, wildlife location, and safety precautions. Our expert expedition team will also seek all favorable conditions for optimal aurora borealis viewing, but only nature dictates its appearance. The final decision regarding modifications to the program will be made by the expedition team who prioritize safety.

While the expedition team will prioritize all items listed in the program and make expert predictions for favorable conditions, their inclusion cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, no refunds will be issued for any changes. The primary focus of the program is to offer a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Restrictions: Must be in good physical shape and not need additional assistance.

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