Arctic Fjords & Northern Lights (Northbound)


Onboard this expedition, you will get to experience key selected locations such as Tromsø, Andenes, Henningsvær, Nusfjord, Svolvær, Sortland and Narvik. These destinations will provide you with 6 days full of adventure and unique activities. Marvel at the mystical Northern Lights, experience the arctic wildlife up and close, get a taste of the exquisite arctic cuisine, take part in the Sami culture, go dog sledding in a winter wonderland and get the most scenic arctic train ride of your life. This expedition takes you on a journey through 1000 years, and you will learn about the Viking and the Sami people - the indigenous people of Lapland.

: To ensure we provide you with the greatest experience possible, the program below can be adjusted due to forecasted weather, local knowledge as well as current location of wildlife. We will provide you with the daily program every morning at breakfast.

Planned Daily Itinerary

Day 1

08:00 We meet at Scandic Ishavshotel, Tromsø

Our expedition team will welcome you and give you an introduction of the planned itinerary for the journey. Our first day will be spent at the Wilderness Camp where you will meet our adorable huskies and their mushers. We will plan the winter activities for the day depending on weather and availability. Activities could include dog sledding, snowmobiling, a visit to the Ice Domes, and the Sami people and their reindeer. Lunch will be served around a bonfire in the Wilderness Camp.
The day will then continue towards the city of Narvik - an important key location during the WW2. The "Battle of Narvik" was the biggest war battle on Norwegian soil, and we will get local knowledge about the historical events. Narvik is also where we will embark MV Quest.
Our crew and expedition team welcome you aboard the ship, and you will be given an introduction to the full program, the ship and safety while on the expedition. This will be followed by our welcome dinner where you will be served the finest of Arctic Cuisine.
After dinner, we will join the Northern Lights Express with the Arctic Train. This scenic railway journey takes us through raw landscapes and untouched wilderness. The end station will be Katterat where we have a Northern Lights Basecamp. We will have our first search for the Aurora Borealis here, and this will also be a great introduction to Night Vision Photography.

Day 2

08:00 Breakfast & Presentation of Today's Program

We wake up close to Barøy Lighthouse and, depending on the weather, we will go ashore to learn valuable local history and enjoy scenic views.
After lunch, we will head towards Skrova and there will be educational lectures on board that take us through local war history. Skrova is known for its pristine, white, sandy beaches, and if the weather allows it, we will take the zodiacs to shore.
We will have dinner onboard MV Quest followed by a city walk and photo excursion through Svolvær.

Day 3

08:00 Breakfast & Presentation of Today's Program

After breakfast, we will be transported to the famous Lofotr Viking Museum - an experience that will take us back more than 1000 years. You will meet the Vikings at the world's largest Viking Longhouse, and we will enjoy a proper Viking feast for lunch.
Our expedition then takes us onwards to Nusfjord Village. Nusfjord is one of the oldest fishermen's villages which are preserved in Lofoten. The whole village is an open museum, and our guides will show us around and teach us about the arctic lifestyle of these fishermen.
Back onboard MV Quest, we will enjoy Arctic Cuisine for dinner and head towards Henningsvær. We spend the night in Henningsvær with the view of iconic, traditional fisherman's cabins, which will provide another great opportunity for photos.

Day 4

08:00 Breakfast & Presentation of Today's Program

The day begins in the authentic fisherman's village Henningsvær, a village referred to as "the Venice of the North". We will visit "Full Steam" which is a 200-year-old cod liver oil factory, now operating as a restaurant and museum. Your taste buds will take you on a journey through the history of cod fishing, the fishermen's lifestyle as well as the importance of cod liver oil for Norwegian history.
We will then sail towards Raftesund and into the famously beautiful Trollfjord. Here, there will be a chance of spotting the White-Tailed Eagle and an amazing photo opportunity for the keen wildlife photographer.
This evening, we will port in Sortland where we will visit a Sami Camp. You will learn about the Sami culture, reindeer herding and Sami lifestyle. We will also keep searching for the Northern Lights, where the location will be based on the weather and Aurora Borealis forecasts.

Day 5

08:00: Breakfast & Presentation of Today's Program

During the night, MV Quest will have brought us somewhere between Andenes and Senja. Our expedition team will then decide whether we will search for sperm whales outside the beach Bleik or go to land for another excursion.
The day continues sailing towards Tromsø, and we will enjoy educational lectures and amazing scenery. After dinner, we will go through photos and stories from our recent journey. We will also keep searching for the Northern Lights, where the location will be based on the weather and Aurora Borealis forecasts.

Day 6

08:00: Breakfast & Presentation of Today's Program

On our last morning, we wake up in Tromsø City and disembarking starts at 10:00. The time has come to say goodbye to your newfound friends and expedition family, and we hope you had an amazing adventure with us!


Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Coffee, Tea & Snacks

Professional Expedition Team

All Bus Transfers

Professional Photography Guide

Wildlife & Nature Photo Excursions

Fjellheisen Cable Car

5 Nights of Northern Lights Hunting

Whale Watching

Visit the Arctic Huskies

Sami Cultural Experience

Sightseeing through the Scenic Raftsund and Trollfjord

"Full Steam" - Experience the Cod Fishery Museum

Northern Lights Express with Arctic Train

Lofotr Viking Museum

Visit to Nusfjord - a historical fisherman's village

Wilderness Camp

Visit to historical sites from WW2 along with lectures

Meeting Place: Outside Scandic Ishavshotel, Frederik Langes gate 2, 9008 Tromsø

Location or meeting point

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