CEO Arctic Train: Challenging management position in Narvik

Norwegian Travel Company is one of the leading tour operators in the country. Our goal is to set the standard for experience-based tourism in Norway, and we are now looking for a person to be part of this journey.

We are looking for a CEO to be in charge of our newest company: Arctic Train AS. Arctic Train will offer one of the world's most beautiful and unique train journeys, on the Ofotbanen where both nature experiences and dramatic history are in focus. Your office will be at the railway station in Narvik.

CEO - What is the job about?

You will have the responsibility for budget, results and product development for the tourism product Arctic Train. You will lead and develop destinations and activities together with current and new employees. It is important that you work well with local partners such as Visit Narvik, Narvik Harbour, and the hotels and other central tourism companies in Narvik and along the route. You will work closely internally with our operating company that runs the trains.

The work will be both operational and strategic. An important task will be to see opportunities and extract synergies from across the group of our companies. You will also work to map and prepare procedures and routines for efficient operation and implementation, with the quality expected of a unique tourism product.

You will be a key person for our further development and growth, placed centrally in our organisation. It places high demands on both your business sense and personal qualities.

Who are you?

First and foremost, you have a very good understanding and knowledge of sales, management qualities and know how to build and maintain business relationships. You also have in-depth knowledge of the tourism industry and know how it works. Your background is probably from tourism, but perhaps also within management, hotels or events. You should have a good local network and relationships, but preferably also with Scandinavian and European relevance. You should have commercial skills and understanding on how to create a product that attracts the volume and amount of guest necessary to create a profitable company.

Of course you will also have responsibility for your local employees, where the day-to-day work is done from our office in Narvik. You are able to see how the various components of an operation work together, and are always looking for opportunities to do things more efficiently and rationally. It goes without saying that you can pick things apart, analyse them and put them back together in a better way than before.

You have a good basic understanding of business, a flair for development, and understand the connections between good logistics and profitability. It also comes naturally to you to work with budgets, business plans and business development.

You will be in a lot of dialogue with the business group and main office, employees and people from all over the world. Your ability to understand and be understood is therefore important; which means that language skills, good interpersonal qualities and understanding of different cultures are essential.

Your skills

• You have longer experience in tourism (management, sales or operational)

• You have very good commercial experience

• You have in-depth experience in either leading, organising or coordinating operational work where quality assurance is important and things work as they should

• Relevant education (relevant operational experience can compensate for a lack of formal education)

Your key qualities

• Good communicator.

• Methodical and structured.

• Sense of quality.

• Ability to think long-term and strategically

• Good communication skills, verbally and in writing

• Flexible and solution-oriented

• Leadership skills towards product and associated personnel development

We offer

• Competitive salary and benefits

• The chance to create a unique tourist attraction together with skilled colleagues and the local population

• The chance to participate in developing an attractive workplace

• A unique opportunity to work in a company with the will and ability for strong growth

About the employer

We aspire to provide all our guests with exciting and genuine experiences in Norway across all our destinations, whether it’s dog sledding, Northern Lights or snowmobiling in Tromsø or Kirkenes, our gondola in Romsdalen or the picturesque accommodation and activities in Lofoten.

Not only is this a unique opportunity to join an exciting industry, but also a chance to be part of a committed team dedicated to sharing the wonders of Norway with the rest of the world.


Please submit your application to

Stig Edvardsen, HR director, Norwegian Travel Company. Mobile phone: (+47) 913 22 738

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