Sightseeing in Lofoten

Visit Norway has dubbed Lofoten the world's most beautiful archipelago, and we will show you some opportunities to see the entire coast in one go. Or however you prefer. Here are four ways to go sightseeing in Lofoten.

1. From and to Svolvær

Travelling by car allows you to see the all of Lofoten from the south side. If you take boat from Svolvær however, you can go through Henningsvær, Nusfjord, Balstad and Reine before returning to Svolvær. On these trips you get to experience Lofoten the best possible way; from the sea.

2. The world's most beautiful sightseeing option

Park your car and travel by boat between the fishing villages. Jump on where you want and off where you want – you can find several accommodation options at the various destinations. Travel along the entire coast of Lofoten and experience the world's most beautiful sightseeing journey as you go.

3. Jump on and off in Henningsvær

You can set sail from Henningsvær in the morning and return late in the afternoon. Then you have the whole evening in Henningsvær, where you can enjoy a nice meal at Henningsvær Bryggehotell or the famous Fiskekrogen. Feel free to make a quick stop at the art gallery KaviarFactory – well worth a visit.

4. Tailor your own trip!

Hop on a boat in Henningsvær and go ashore in Balstad, or vice versa. This is just one example. Going from Henningsvær and returning to the same place is already mentioned above. You can also take a boat from Henningsvær and get off in Balstad or in Nusfjord. Feel free to inquire at the reception at Nyvågar Rorbuhotell regarding these trips, as they have a full overview of the timetables. This is really a trip worth joining.

Arriving at these beautiful harbors is nothing short of a magical experience!

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