Advice and information about Covid-19 from The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH)

Please follow this link for advice and information from The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) about the new coronavirus disease COVID-19 in Norway.

General information about Covid-19 infection control measures by Norwegian Travel Company

Canceling your reservation.

Are you sick or infected with Covid-19 and need to cancel your reservation? Don't hesitate to contact us! You can cancel up to 48 hours before your activity starts for a full refund.

If you must cancel your reservation, please submit your cancellation in written form via email to .

We want to make sure our guests are safe.

At the Norwegian Travel Company, we want to make sure that our guests are safe. That is why we always operate in a responsible way, in accordance with infection control principles and the Norwegian COVID-19 regulation. Please be aware that the Norwegian Travel Company and its subsidiaries reserves the right to refuse entry to our transportation, activities or other services for people showing symptoms of COVID-19 (Please see the Procedure for handling a suspected case of COVID-19 among guests below).

COVID-19 Infection Control Measures : Self-assessment for guests

Before taking part in any of the activities or services provided by the Norwegian Travel Company and its subsidiaries, please do a self-assessment based on the information below to help you evaluate whether it is safe for you to participate.

Pillars of Infection control

We have centred our measures around the three pillars of infection control ensuring that:

- Potentially infected individuals are not present at any part of the NTC operations

- Hygiene standards are strict throughout our operations

- Increased social distance

Potentially infected individuals are not present at any part of the NTC operations

Self-declaration forms: Guests are encouraged to self-declare that they will not attend any of our activities if they:

- Have any symptoms of COVID-19

- Recently have been in contact with other individuals who have been diagnosed with COVID-19

- Are in quarantine, isolation or subject to other restrictions at the time of the activity

- Should symptoms occur among the guests, the potentially infected individual will be isolated away for the group and may be required to attend COVID-19 testing at a designated testing facility

- Staff members with symptoms of respiratory tract infection shall not be at work

Hygiene standards are strict throughout our operations

The Norwegian Travel Company has particular focus on hygiene and cleaning in all parts of our operation

- Good hand and coughing hygiene with hand washing or hand disinfectant stations available at all our activities, transport, accommodation, restaurants, toilets, and other common areas

- Strict routines around cleaning and quarantining of equipment that cannot be washed at disinfecting temperatures

- Thorough guidelines around infection cleaning should this become necessary

Increased social distance

Increasing the physical distance between people is intended to reduce the risk of catching or spreading the coronavirus

- Reduced capacity for transport, activity, and service areas

- We operate with a safe distance between guests at all our destinations and activities

- When serving food and alcohol, we only have table service where the distance is at least 1 meter between the seats, and guests are encouraged to keep this distance from all other individuals who are not part of their own household

- We make sure there is no crowding at our destination

Other infection control measures

- Use of face masks during all our transportation

- Thorough training of our staff in infection control

Procedure for handling a suspected case of COVID-19 among guests

This procedure is made to ensure the correct handling of a suspected case of COVID-10 among Norwegian Travel Company’s guests


The general manager is responsible for implementing the procedure in the company

All staff members are responsible for executing the procedure

Definition of suspected COVID-19

A person who meets the clinical criteria: acute respiratory tract infection and one or more of the following symptoms; fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell/taste, or who is considered by a doctor to have suspected COVID-19. See table under for clarification for typical symptoms of COVID-19, colds, and allergies:

Close contact

You are considered to be a close contact if

- you have been in contact with a person with confirmed COVID-19 disease less than 48 hours before they developed their first symptoms onset AND

- the contact has been less than two metres away for more than 15 minutes OR

- in direct physical contact OR

- in direct contact with secretions

Procedure if a situation occurs where a guest is showing symptoms of COVID-19

1) The infection control officer on duty is to isolate the individual away from the other guests to the designated infection control cabin and the guest is to be equipped with a face mask and disposable gloves

2) If the symptoms occur during bus transportation and it is not possible for the individual to immediately leave the bus, the infection control officer on duty is to isolate the guest in the bus with a minimum of 1 meter in all directions (Or 2 seat rows in all directions). Upon arrival at the destination, the infection control officer will isolate the guest as per point 1 above

3) The general manager makes an assessment about the need for designated COVID-19 transportation of guest for testing of COVID-19. This should be done in collaboration with the relevant Municipal Medical Officer in charge of infection control

4) The general manager establishes guest’s movements in case of positive test (if possible, in collaboration with the guest):

- Where has the individual been?

- Which equipment did the individual use?

- Who has the individual been in close contact with?

5) Equipment and areas the guest has been in contact with is to be cleaned in accordance with the enhanced cleaning protocol

6) General manager makes an assessment if there is a concrete risk of infection:

- Concrete risk: staff member has been in close contact with another individual symptoms of showing COVID-19 over the last 10 days

- No concrete risk: Staff member has not been in contact with another individual showing symptoms of COVID-19 over the last 10 days

7) In the event of no concrete risk, no further measures are required unless guest tests positive for COVID-19

8) In the event of a concrete risk, the general manager is to assess the need for following the procedure for handling a confirmed COVID-19 case

9) All other staff have to be extra aware of infection control measures and their own health until the test result of symptomatic staff member is available

Information flow in the case of a suspected COVID-19 infection:

1) When information of a suspected COVID-19 case is received, the general manager is to be contacted immediately

2) General Manager then contacts the operations coordinator in NTC

3) In the event of a guest receiving a positive corona test, see Procedure for handling a confirmed case of COVID-19 among guests

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