Arctic Fjords & Northern Lights (Northbound)

Northern Light expedition from Tromsø.

Experience the very best of Northern Norway and visit Tromsø, Andenes, Lofoten and Narvik 6 days fully packed with activities and experiences. Enjoy the Northern Lights, Arctic wildlife, Arctic cuisine, Sami culture, dog sledding, and the Arctic Train, as well as local history and culture.

Note: The program may be adjusted according to weather, forecast, local information, and location of the whales.The exact program for each day will be announced every morning.

The Arctic treasures awaits!

Day 1

Husky - Arctic Train - Northern Lights

08:00Bus transfer Tromsø – Camp Tamok

We will pick you up in Tromsø at Scandic Ishavshotel at 08:00. The expedition team will welcome you and give you an introduction of the itinerary. The bus will drop you off at Camp Tamok, where you can choose between dog sledding, snowmobiling or a visit to our ice hotel. After lunch we will take you to the boarder of Sweden where the Arctic Train is waiting for us. On board the train you will learn the history of the Ofotbanen Railroad and Rallarvegen, the construction road built in connection with building the railway. In Narvik we will embark Quest for dinner followed by our first Northern Lights chase.

Day 2

Lighthouse - WW2 - Skrova – Svolvær

08:00 Presentation of today's program

This day start off with a visit at the Barøy Lighthouse. If the weather allows it, we will board our zodiacs and go to shore, check out the location and learn about the key role and the operations of the lighthouses. When sailing towards Skrova we will get a lecture about the battle of Narvik – the biggest battle on Norwegian ground during WW2. If the weather allow it we will visit the of Skrova and visit one of the white beaches. The evening will be spent in Svolvær where we will have a city walk a photo excursion by night.

Day 3

Nusfjord - Vikings - Svolvær – Henningsvær

08:00 Presentation of today's program

After breakfast, we will be transported to the Lofoten Viking museum. Travel more than 1,000 years back in time, meet the Vikings and visit the world’s largest Viking longhouse. Lunch will be served at the museum before we travel to the beautiful and historical Nusfjord village. Here we will visit a museum and learn all about the lifestyle of the fishermen. Quest will pick us up in Nusfjord with the zodiacs, and dinner will be served while sailing towards Henningsvær, where we will have a Northern Lights experience.

Day 4

Trollfjord – Henningsvær - Full Steam - Sami Culture

08:00 Presentation of today's program

After breakfast, we will take part in the Full Steam experience. Here we will learn about cod fishing, the lifestyle of the fishermen, the products and the importance of cod liver oil. Later this day, we will enter the famous Trollfjord and Raftesund on our way towards Sortland. If we are lucky, the white-tailed sea eagle will grace us with its presence. In Sortland, we will be transported to a Sami camp to be given an introduction to Sami culture, reindeer herding and Sami lifestyle. Hopefully, the Northern Lights will show up before we leave the camp and head back to Quest.

Day 5

Whale safari/snow shoeningNorthern Lights08:00Presentation of today's program

We wake up somewhere between Andenes and Senja. The expedition team will look into the options of searching for Sperm whales outside Bleik or going on a land excursion. We continue sailing towards Senja and Tromsø where we enjoy informative lectures and beautiful views. After dinner, we will summarise our adventure through pictures and stories and start our search for Northern Lights. The location will be based on weather and Aurora forecasts.

Day 5 Alternative

08:00 Presentation of today's program

By now we have reached Tromsø. After breakfast, we will be transported to Fjellheisen where we will enjoy the beautiful views of Tromsø city. We will end our cruise with a farewell lunch and disembark Quest by 12:00. We wish you a safe journey back home or on your next Arctic adventure.

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