Northern Lights Christmas Expedition

Day 1 – Thursday 22.12.2022

16:00 Embarkation in Tromsø

Our crew and expedition team welcome you aboard MV Quest at 16:00. You will be given a brief introduction of the ship and program, followed by dinner at our restaurant. After dinner we will transport you to the Fjellheisen Cable Car, and spend an evening at the roof of Tromsø. Enjoy spectacular views of Tromsø city and learn all about night photography from our expedition leader. Hopefully the Northern Lights will dance above us all evening. Back at the ship we'll start our journey towards Lyngen Alps.

Day 2 – Friday 23.12.2022

08:00 Presentation of today's program

This is our Christmas preparation day and we head out to our husky farm. Meet the dogs and mushers in a beautiful Arctic environment before setting off on your next adventure. After a brief introduction to dog sledding we will head out to the slopes for a thrilling experience in the winter dressed landscapes. The group may be split into two groups depending on the number of guests. We’ll enjoy a campfire and a bite to eat, before finding a nice Christmas tree to bring back to the boat. We choose the best location for Northern Lights chasing based on weather and Aurora forecasts. We will also decorate the Christmas tree!

Day 3 – Saturday 24.12.2022

08:00 Presentation of today's program

In Norway Christmas Eve is the main event for our celebration. We visit the beautifully decorated city of Tromsø and embrace the Christmas spirit on a city walk. At the Full Steam cod museum we take part in a tasting experience and learn all about Christmas traditions and local products connected to cod. At 14:00 we will meet up in Tromsø Domkirke to experience a true Norwegian Christmas ceremony. Back at the boat we will enjoy a Christmas galla dinner and celebrate Christmas together.

Day 4 – Sunday 25.12.2022

08:00 Presentation of today's program

Join us in the panorama lounge and get an introduction to the local marine wildlife. We’ll spend the days searching for whales. Depending on the weather conditions we might also bring you closer to the marine life in our zodiacs. The MV Quest in itself is also an excellent place for whale spotting as we have access to the whole deck, giving you many stable platforms for photographing. We recommend wearing warm clothes! Our expedition team choose the best location for Northern Lights chasing based on weather and Aurora forecasts.

Day 5 – Monday 26.12.2022

08:00 Presentation of today's program

This day we’ll have a look at the region in a 3 generation perspective. Visit the beautiful city of Hamnes which was the only remaining settlement this far north after WW2. An abandoned Nato bunker takes us back to the Arctic tension of the cold war. Visit Aurora Spirits – the northernmost distillery – and learn how they are able to hold their own against the best distilleries in the world. The expedition team will give you lectures about history, photography, and the science behind Aurora Borealis. We spend the evening looking for the Northern Lights.

Day 6 – Tuesday 27.12.2022

08:00 Presentation of today's program

Picture showing and storytelling in the panorama lounge.

Farewell Lunch.

Disembarkation at 12.00.

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