Dog welfare policy

In our kennels we are doing our utmost to make sure that the needs of our dogs are met to the fullest, according to the framework of the five domains of animal welfare: nutrition, environment, physical health, behavioral interactions and the effect of all the above on the mental health of the animals.


Our dogs are fed with high quality and high energy dry food tailor-made for racing and working dogs, providing the requisite amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals; we also feed our dogs a varied amount of locally produced meat and meat byproducts according to season, level of activity and the metabolism of each dog, to ensure their health and that they always maintain an ideal body condition on the corresponding 9-step scale. Access of fresh water is provided according to and above Norwegian regulations.


All our dogs have their own secluded doghouse bedded with straw to provide them sufficient shelter and a comfortable resting and sleeping area and suitable temperatures, assisted by insulated houses and appropriate “clothing“ for selected dogs with more delicate thermoregulations. Premises are cleaned numerous times a day.

Physical health

By thorough prevention, a strict vaccination regimen, daily checkups, frequent veterinary control, quick diagnoses, prompt, expert treatment and careful rehabilitation (including physiotherapy) we ensure that our dogs are always protected from disease, pain and suffering. We exercise caution in training and work to avoid injuries (including, but not limited to using textile booties to protect the paws when conditions so demand and using different types of harnesses ideal for each dog’s physical state).

Behavioral interactions

We encourage our dogs to express normal, natural behaviour: they have every chance to interact with other dogs and humans in the kennels and on the tours. While living tethered, adult dogs receive the necessary amount of free running in our two fenced free run areas, and puppies and younglings are living free in pens , while getting the age-appropriate amount of exercise.

Mental health

We foster and cultivate strong relationships with our dogs, based predominantly on mutual respect, care, sympathy and positive reinforcement. We do our best to reduce stress factors for the animals, providing a calm and safe environment and taking their individual temperaments into account when housing them or putting them into teams.

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