Half Day Package at Camp Tamok with Tromsø Ice Domes Snow Park & Wilderness Experience – Incl. Transport

Your daytime adventures will begin with a 1,5-hour bus ride from Tromsø to the remote Tamok valley. 
Upon arrival at the camp, you can freshen up and get geared up in the warm winter clothes and boots we provide, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable throughout your stay at the camp.  
Our camp host will inform you about the day's program.

Daytime Activity
Divided into smaller groups you will participate in a variety of engaging experiences, some accompanied by a guide, others to explore independently.  

  • Campfire Crafting: Learn the essential survival skills from your knowledgeable guide as you partake in the art of crafting a campfire, essential for staying comfortable on a cold winter's day. Master the art of starting an outdoor fire yourself and gather around its warmth and light while you immerse yourself in captivating stories about the local lifestyle and the rich culture of the Arctic region. Grill your own sausage on the open fire while we serve a warm soup and hot berry juice keeping you warm and cozy outdoors.   
  • Snow Adventures: Get active and try navigating through snow-covered terrain on tandem skis. Race the other team for an extra dose of excitement! Learn about the history and evolution of skis, from a traditional form of transportation to its recreational & competitive forms today.
  • Tromsø Ice Domes Snow Park: Discover the magic of the snow and ice sculptures inside the Snow Park! Wander around by yourself through a mesmerizing display of snow and ice sculptures, a snow maze and explore our two domes. Marvel at the amazing art coming to life with light in its natural surroundings of pristine nature and peaceful Arctic landscapes. 
  • Encounters with Arctic Wildlife: Get close to the two most iconic animals of Northern Norway: cuddle and take photos with our huskies and go visit the reindeers near the Sculpture Park.

Camp Stay
After those first activities, most people will return to Tromsø by bus. Since you have chosen to stay at the camp combining the visit to the Snow Park with a Midday Activity, we have made it possible for you to stay at Camp Tamok in between activities. During this time, you will have the chance to explore the camp by yourself.


Midday Activity
Depending on your choice of activity (upon booking) you will head out on an adventurous dog sledding or snowmobiling tour followed by the time to relax and warm up with a hot meal in one of our lavvus (indigenous Sámi tent). 
After the meal, it's time to board the bus and return to Tromsø, taking with you great memories of your day outdoors, filled with mixed activities!

Sted eller møteplass

Viktig informasjon

Møtetid og sted

07:45 at Tromsø Havn Prostneset (inside the main entrance hall), Samuel Arnesens gate 5, Tromsø.


08:00 – 19:30 (11,5 hours)


10.12.24 – 31.03.25


  • Thermal suit, boots & mittens
  • All necessary gear (depending on the chosen activity)
  • Transport by bus
  • English-speaking guide(s)
  • Toilets at the camp
  • Warm soup, sausages and warm berry juice
  • Hot meal (after midday activity)
  • Entrance to Tromsø Ice Domes Snow        
  • Visit huskies and reindeers
  • Try tandem skiing 
  • Snowmobiling: Traffic insurance (Maximum personal liability of 10 000 NOK)

Klær og utstyr

  • Weather-appropriate clothing, in layers. 
  • Scarf and hat 
  • Snowmobiling: Valid driver’s license (Cat B) 

Good to know

Please read the descriptions of each tour for more specific practical information before booking the package: availability, what is included in each tour, restrictions and minimum age for children.

  • Advanced Dog Sledding Midday: 
    • Our guides are entitled to deny drivers and passengers to join this tour out of health and safety reason. 
    • The tour requires strength and fitness from all our guests, and a good physical condition is necessary to participate. Some parts of the trail can be covered with a fresh layer of snow or go uphill which means in both cases you will have to help the dogs to push the sled. 
    • The trail can be narrow and have sharp bends, which requires a good balance to steer the sled. 
    • Since you will be sharing the sled with another person it is required for both of you to meet these requirements when swapping places halfway the tour.
  • Snowmobiling Midday: 
    • Due to the dramatic topography, a reduced speed is maintained during some parts of the tour.  
    • The duration of the snowmobiling activity (the time you will spend on the tracks, driving the snowmobile) can differ day to day, depending on snow and weather conditions.


  • Each child must be accompanied by an adult.  
  • Snowmobiling:
    • You need to be minimum 18 years old and hold a valid driver's license to operate a snowmobile. 
    • Passengers needs to be minimum 7 years old.  
    • Drivers and passengers must be minimum 130 cm in height to meet the safety requirements. 
    • Pregnant people are not allowed on this tour
  • Advanced Dog Sledding: 
    • Minimum age: 16 y/o  
    • Recommended maximum age: 65 y/o 
    • Pregnant people are not allowed to participate in this tour. 
    • Weight limit: 120kg

Special Request

  • Please inform us of any food allergies or dietary restrictions upon booking. 
  • If no notice is given in advance, an extra fee of 150 NOK will be charged. 


Easy – Advanced, depending on the choice of activities. 

If in doubt about your abilities to join this tour, please inquire in advance to 

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