Snowhotel Kirkenes 365 – Gamme Cabins

Stay in our magical gamme village – with exciting Arctic winter activities right at your feet!

Prices from 2400 NOK
Bucket list item

Whale Watching Safari on High-Speed Catamaran

Step aboard our high-speed modern catamaran and join an exhilarating journey to the heart of the whale's winter wonderland. Our swift vessel ensures that we are the first boat at the whale sighting area on every tour, maximizing your time among these magnificent creatures.

Prices from 1745 NOK

Overnight Northern Lights & Whale Watching Safari

Join us for an unforgettable overnight adventure cruise! Venture out in search of orcas, humpbacks, and other majestic sea creatures as we journey through the Arctic fjords, far from city lights.

Prices from 9995 NOK
Great Deal

Overnight - Snowhotel Kirkenes 365

Step into a magical winter kingdom – open all year!

Prices from 2400 NOK

The Original King Crab Safari by RIB - Summer

Are you ready to brave the Barents Sea for an authentic arctic fishing experience and taste the freshest king crab you can imagine?

Prices from 2200 NOK
Most popular

Original King Crab Safari - Winter

The red King Crab is not only the biggest, but also the most delicious shellfish you will ever have the chance of tasting. Make your own "deadliest catch"!

Prices from 2800 NOK

Arctic Fjord Cruise from Tromsø

Embark on this Arctic Fjord Cruise and explore the stunning landscapes surrounding Tromsø.

Prices from 950 NOK

Polaria – Entrance Ticket

Be captivated by a world where nature's wonders unfold, with an extraordinary opportunity to witness majestic, bearded seals up close.

Prices from 110 NOK
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