Investor relations

The Norwegian Travel Company AS seeks to provide all investors and the capital markets with precise and reliable information and to inform about new investment opportunities.

Our company has two overall ambitions:

1) To establish a market leader position within high-quality experience-based tourism in selected destinations with great sales potential. At these destinations, Norwegian Travel Company will drive the destination development and offer a "one-stop" offer.

2) Establish a market-leading commercial organization, which will market and sell its own destinations / products as well as related third party services and products.

The Norwegian Travel Company AS will own the core business, but will also through strategic collaborations with complementary players have a significant portfolio of non-owned activities and other products.


Should you have further questions do not hesitate to contact our CEO and Investor Contact:

Kristian Høydal - CEO
Phone: +47 900 11 773 | E-Mail:

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