Camp Tamok - Cabin Overnight Package

With our Overnight Programme, you can spend the night at Camp Tamok.

Prices from 5595 NOK

Snowmobile Excursion Evening Tour with North Experience _ Incl. Transfer

Enjoy riding a snow scooter for about two hours in this beautiful Arctic environment and, if you are lucky, the Northern Lights might dance above you!

Prices from 2445 NOK

Snowmobile Excursion Daytime Tour with North Experience _ Incl. Transfer

We invite you to join us on a fun varied terrain snowmobile safari, heading out where the locals drive. You will be in a small group and get to explore the nature outside of Tromsø with great views of the Arctic snow-covered mountains.

Prices from 2445 NOK

Snowmobile Safari in Kirkenes 13:00

Are you ready to catch the arctic wind? Experience the thrilling excitement of snowmobiling through the snowy and magical landscape surrounding the Snowhotel in Kirkenes.

Prices from 3000 NOK

Snowmobile Experience 15:00

Do you want to try driving a Snowmobile? Experience the thrilling excitement of snowmobiling through the snowy landscape surrounding the Snowhotel in Kirkenes!

Prices from 2500 NOK

Snowmobile Hunting the Northern Lights

Learn how to drive a snowmobile with the chance of catching the magical Aurora sky dancing above

Prices from 3400 NOK
Bucket list item

Total Arctic Adventure Package - Save 10%

Experience all the best of Arctic Winter-Norway in this uniquely tailored package. Besides 3 nights of exclusive half-board accommodation, we have carefully pieced together a program of activities from morning to night that will leave you breathless. Are you going on a winter adventure vacation only once and want to try everything? Then look no further - this is the Total Arctic Adventure!

Prices from 25200 NOK
Most popular

Original King Crab Safari - Winter

The red King Crab is not only the biggest, but also the most delicious shellfish you will ever have the chance of tasting. Make your own "deadliest catch"!

Prices from 2800 NOK
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