8 Tips for Better Selfies

Getting the perfect artic selfie to share with your family and friends can be tricky but the most important tricks are simple. We believe in the importance of being in the moment and we do not recommend traveling on behalf of social media – but nevertheless, it is okay to have some fun. We offer you 8 tips you can use to perfect your next arctic selfie.

How to take a selfie

When it comes to taking any type of photo, the most important tricks are simple. Enough light. A natural smile. And a background that tells your story. The best pictures are often taken by someone else, who can shoot you from a distance. Our guides are more than willing to help, and some might find it a lot more fun to have a photo with friends or loved ones rather than a selfie by yourself. But who says you can't do both? Even if your phone is full of group photos to remember your trip, it doesn’t hurt to take a few selfies and have some fun. A killer shot under the Northern Lights, for example, might be the ultimate selfie.

8 Tips for Better Selfies

  1. Light! If you don’t have enough light your image will become blurry and grainy. During winter it can be a good idea to practice using different flash settings.

  2. Avoid the shadows. Another side of light is shadows. Normally you should avoid shadows on the face.

  3. Take a lot of pictures. To make sure you get the perfect shot, take a lot of pictures. To get that one good shot you need to shoot a lot! Even with selfies.

  4. Try different angles. Angle your camera up, down or slightly to the side and find your best side. You could also hold the camera still and tilt your head in different directions.

  5. Filter. Don’t be afraid to amp your selfie up with a filter to enhance the light or create a special effect. Just remember to not over-do it to avoid ending up with a really fake looking photo.

  6. Use the rear camera. If you’re using your phone to shoot your selfie it can be a good idea to use the back camera as the front camera usually has lower resolution.

  7. Background. An interesting background should be a part of your arctic selfie. If not you might as well take the selfie at home.

  8. Be natural. Even if you decide to enhance your photo with a filter, you yourself should be as natural as possible. Relax, smile and just have fun with it.

Check out our activities below and plan your next photoshoot!

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