Overnight Northern Lights & Whale Watching Safari

One Trip – Two Arctic Highlights

The Overnight Northern Lights & Whale Watching Safari brings you closer to the Arctic's most iconic spectacles – The Northern Lights and the majestic whales.

The World's Best Canvas for the Northern Lights

This journey takes you to one of the best places in the world to observe this unforgettable spectacle. Sail right through the Aurora Oval Zone and watch the sky come alive with dancing flickers of green.

Exclusive Whale-Watching Experience

During winter the Northern Norwegian seas give you the opportunity to spot graceful humpback whales, playful orcas and other species. Spending the night out at sea gives you the unique opportunity to reach the whale locations before anyone else. This means uninterrupted, up-close encounters with these beautiful creatures, ensuring a whale-watching experience like no other.

A Comfortable and Safe Journey

Our all-inclusive package ensures that you have everything you need from the moment you step on board. A comfortable ocean facing cabin, delicious food, needed winter gear, whale watching and Northern Lights chase. The large ship ensures more stability on the sometimes rough waters, reducing the chances of getting seasick.

The Overnight Northern Lights & Whale Watching Safari offers a unique combination of two major bucket list items in the Arctic. The incredible Northern Lights show is a heart-stopping moment, and, The overnight option gives you the opportunity to wake up to whales right outside your cabin window. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime experience. Read more and book your trip here.

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