Snowshoeing – A chill way to explore the snow

Not ready to tackle the snowy hills by ski or snowboard? Snowshoeing is the perfect activity for anyone wanting to experience the adventures of the snow – no experience or special snow conquering skills needed! Suitable for the whole family, a snowshoeing tour lets you enjoy the beautiful winter landscape in a chill and unique way.

In Tromsø, Fjellheisen is a great starting point for your next snowshoeing adventure. Take the gondola to the top of Storsteinen, 404 metres above sea level, and get ready for a scenic tour. Let your trusted guide lead the way through the snowy paths and enjoy fantastic views of the city and the mountains. During the evening tours you can even search for the mesmerising Aurora Borealis while walking in the silence of the dark. Fjellheisen is one of the best places to spot the Northern Lights in Tormsø during wintertime. Enjoy something to drink and a bite to eat at Fjellstua Restaurant after the tour.

Romsdalen is a great place to explore mighty peaks and beautiful mountains all year round. Catch a lift with the Romsdalen Gondola to the top of Nesaksla Mountain and join a guided snowshoeing tour. The tour starts slowly while the guide makes sure that everyone is comfortable and happy. At the best photo spots in the area you can enjoy the beauty of the Romdalen Fjord, Rauma River and majestic mountains like Vengetind, Trolltindene and Loftskarstind. Finish the day with a hot drink or meal at Eggen Restaurant, 708 metres above sea level.

Kirkenes is another great destination for snowshoeing. Join a guided walk in the mountain ranges above the wonderful snow hotel and try your hand (well, your feet) at different types of snow. This is the perfect tour if you are not used to the magic of the snow and are seeking an easy-going laid back excursion. At the summit, you will get a break while enjoying a classic Norwegian hiking snack and hot juice made from local berries. The areas you will walk through are also the home quarters of a range of Arctic animals. You might spot the tracks of a grouse, hare, fox, moose and reindeer. And – If luck is on your side, you may even get a glimpse of the actual animals.

No matter what destination you choose for this snowy adventure, you’ll get the chance to explore stunning sceneries and relaxing family fun. So grab your snowshoes, put on warm clothes and a smile, and let the adventure begin!

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