Stay in a Northern Lights Village

Why not stay in a Northern Lights village in Kirkenes! Sleep under the extraordinary beams of the Northern Lights and have all the Arctic highlights at your feet.

With over 200 Aurora Borealis nights per year, Kirkenes offers plenty of chances to see the Green Lady light up the night. Just outside the city centre, at Kirkenes Showhotel 365, you can stay in an Aurora cabin during the night and spend your day doing exciting activities like dog sledding, king crab fishing, snowmobiling – and of course Northern Lights chasing.

All of these activities have the starting and ending point just right around the corner from your Aurora cabin. Go for a dog sledding adventure through the snowy landscapes led by a team of fluffy friends. Drive a snowmobile over the frozen fjord – the sound of the engine is the only noise that breaks through the silence. Go fishing for sea monsters and sink your teeth in the freshest seafood around – the king crab is a tasty treat people from all parts of the world come to experience. Feed the reindeer and play with the dogs at the husky yards – many new friends await!

Choose an evening husky or snowmobile tour for the chance of spotting Lady Aurora – the number one way of making your excursion evening more memorable. Or jump on the Northern Lights bus and have the experienced guides escort you further into the Arctic wilderness for a better view of the glorious lights. A stay at the cabins include breakfast, lunch and dinner, the latter containing 3 courses at the authentic on site restaurant. No need to leave the village – you have everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Nestled in the middle of this Northern Lights village, you’ll find a magical hotel made of snow and ice where ice and snow has turned into beautiful art pieces. Open all year round this is definitely the most unique accommodation option around. Go for a visit, check out the different suites and chill at the ice bar. And – if you are feeling extra adventurous – spend a night in an actual ice bed and drift off to dreamland.

All in all – a visit at this Northern Lights village contains all you need for a complete Arctic holiday filled with once in a lifetime moments.

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