The Land of the Midnight Sun

The midnight sun is the name of the phenomenon that occurs north of the Arctic Circle every year at 66º33′N during the summer months. Beyond this latitude the sun never quite sets below the horizon during summer, and the farther north you travel, the higher in the sky is the sun at night. That’s why Northern Norway is often called the land of the midnight sun. However, unlike what some tourists hope for, the midnight sun is, in fact, the same sun we see during the day.

Adapting to the Bright Nights

To some first-time travelers, falling asleep in the bright “nights” north of the 66th parallel can be a challenge. Dark blankets covering bedroom windows are a common sight – futile attempts at creating something that resemble nighttime. Still, your body soon starts adapting to days that never really end. It’s as if the pace slows down, and your circadian rhythm starts changing. You forget what time it is, and whatever schedule you were trying to stick to. Because there really isn’t any rush when the day lasts for several weeks, is there?

For the adventurous, this season is a fantastic time to explore what Northern Norway can offer. Nature is often best experienced at night, when the warm, reddish light creates a perfect frame for the life-changing, Arctic experiences. Why go to bed when the next adventure is waiting at each Instagram-friendly latitude?

Where the Sun Never Sets

Hardly anything is more welcome than the first sunbeams of the year, apprehensively peeking out after a long, hard winter. The return of the sun marks the end of cold and darkness – and the beginning of the eternally bright season in the Arctic. Welcome to summer in the North. Where the sun never sets.

The Arctic North is the place for those who wish to experience unpolished nature – for those who dare to walk where few have walked before them. Here, the midnight sun lights up both inhabitants and nature, and the life-giving sunbeams make it possible to embrace the short summer months to their fullest extent. When the autumn finally arrives, and the sun disappears below the horizon, the memories of the eternally bright summer will live on forever.

Bring your Camera

The farther north we go, the brighter the Arctic summer nights become. That means even more time for exploring magnificent surroundings – and even more opportunities to get close to Northern Norwegian nature. The Arctic summer night never stops surprising us, and you can always sleep next winter. Find your way to one of the many viewpoints at night and enjoy peace of mind as you admire the reflection of the midnight sun in the surrounding fjords. The meeting between the low sun and the gleaming ocean surface creates a rich colour symphony forget any time soon. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel the warmth of the Arctic sun. And dont forget your camera!

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