Norwegian Travel Company invests 100 million NOK in Fjellheisen

Norwegian Travel Company is purchasing Fjellheisen and will invests NOK 100 million in the development of this iconic facility in Tromsø

- Fjellheisen is the cornerstone of tourism in Tromsø and we are proud and humbled to get the opportunity to manage this company further. In the next few years, we will invest NOK 100 million to realise the Fjellheisen’s development plans, says Kristian Høydal, who manages the Northern Norwegian activities in Norwegian Travel Company (NTC).

The time is right for a new ownership

Fjellheisen was built in 1961 by Brødrene Jakobsens Rederi. Since then, the four brothers, and their descendants, have managed and developed the facility. In 2019, Fjellheisen transported 250,000 guests up to the popular viewpoint in Tromsø. Now the new owners will bring Fjellheisen into the future.

- We started discussing a sale this spring. Reaching an agreement went very well. Norwegian Travel Company is a professional operator, and it has been a nice and smooth process. This is the right time to allow new owners to develop Fjellheisen further, says general manager in Fjellheisen, Ole-Johan Pedersen.

Bringing new opportunities to life

The aim is to have Fjellheisen become a complete tourism destination, offering more experiences and activities to the guests. There are also approved building plans for the lower lift station and exciting plans for the development of the building structure on top of the mountain.

- We want to further develop both the upper and lower lift station in collaboration with the administration of Fjellheisen. We are also looking into continuing a good communication with Tromsø municipality, and discuss how we can work together to make Fjellheisen something even more people in Tromsø can use, benefit from, and be proud of, says Høydal.

With Norwegian Travel Company onboard the possibilities to bring these plans to life increases

- With new, solid owners Fjellheisen will be able to explore and realise the opportunities that lie ahead of us a lot easier. This gives the company a positive boost, where we can benefit from the expertise and the network Norwegian Travel Company represents. All our employees are invited to take part in continuing the new initiative, says Pedersen.

Making Tromsø more attractive

Since 2019, Norwegian Travel Company has worked to consolidate and professionalize tourism in selected destinations in Norway. The company is established in Tromsø, Lofoten and Kirkenes. In 2021, they also opened the Romsdal Gondola, Norway's longest sky-lift in Åndalsnes. Through the purchase of Fjellheisen, NTC will contribute to increase the attractiveness of Tromsø as a tourism destination.

- Fjellheisen draws tourists to Tromsø, which has a positive effect for all the tourism companies in the city. We want to develop Fjellheisen and make it an even nicer destination, not only for visitors, but also for those of us who live here, says Høydal.

A new and improved dining experience

If everything goes according to the new owner's wishes, the restaurant at the end of the gondola will eventually be able to offer our guests a new gastronomic experience based on local ingredients.

- Fjellheisen already has definite plans in place for how to bring this experience to the next level. We will help realize these plans. Among other things, we will look at the possibilities to reinvent the food and drink concept, so that we can offer our guests a spectacular dining experience, while enjoying the view of the city and the beautiful mountains on Kvaløya. Tromsø deserves such an investment and this will help Tromsø get an even stronger position on the tourism map, a committed Høydal concludes.


Kristian Høydal, Norwegian Travel Company, mobile 900 11 773

Ole-Johan Pedersen, daglig leder Fjellheisen, mobile 911 30 753

Terje Hatlen-Stokke, CEO Norwegian Travel Company, mobile 996 90 906

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