Kirkenes and the Barents region is a fascinating area, with few people and lots of nature. Beautiful, raw and diverse Arctic landscapes, with tundra, mountains, dense pine forests and literally thousands of lakes. The region is blessed with long, cold and stable winters, with lots of snow and cool weather, in a world where there is less and less of both.

Also in summer, spring and autumn there are many reasons to go to Kirkenes. When the snow melts away, it reveals a green, vivid and refreshing summer, full of blooming flowers and rich wildlife. This diversity sets the stage for a variety of fun activities for travellers from all over the world seeking the total Arctic adventure all seasons of the year.

Snowhotel Kirkenes 365 – completely made of snow and ice – is by far the most unique hotel in Kirkenes. It has quickly become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Northern Norway and during the wonderful winter season you can spend a magic night in a world of snow and ice, go husky sledding, king crab fishing, or snowmobile driving under the Northern Lights. Snowhotel Kirkenes is the first of its kind to keep open 365 days a year, offering a unique opportunity to walk from the green and warm summer into the kingdom of winter. During the summer season you have a range of activities to explore. Visit the husky farm and find a furry friend to take for a refreshing mountain hike. Go on an exhilarating husky wagon ride along the beautiful fjord. See historic Kirkenes, and visit the World War 2 bomb shelter Andersgrotta. Explore the raw nature and enjoy the green Arctic surroundings.

When autumn comes in August, the arctic nature explodes in orange, yellow and red. Twilight falls, and the midnight sun gives way to the magic streams of the Northern Lights.

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