Northern Light Photo Cruise

When the sky is clear and starry around Tromsø city, you don't need to travel far to witness the Northern Lights. Join our evening cruise by boat and get the chance to wash the Northern Lights from the deck, while sailing out into the darkness!

Prices from 1150 NOK

Whale & Arctic Wildlife Safari

Join our wildlife safari for the chance to spot humpback whales, orcas, harbour porpoise and more.

Prices from 1645 NOK

Silent Whale Watching

Experience the magnificent winter landscape as we get closer to the majestic humpback and killer whales.

Prices from 1690 NOK

Whale, Northern Lights & Huskies Expedition

We welcome you to experience the Arctic wildlife and the spectacular nights in this 5 days, 4 nights whale, aurora borealis and huskies cruise expedition.

Prices from 28080 NOK

Lofoten Islands & Northern Lights Expedition

Experience the raw beauty of Northern Norway onboard this Arctic fjord, northern lights, and husky cruise expedition. Departing from the Arctic capital, Tromsø and going through some of the most beautiful and historically significant Lofoten Islands.

Prices from 31790 NOK

Aurora Dinner Cruise

Join our Northern Lights Dinner Cruise and enjoy a delicious dinner from a local restaurant in Tromsø while we look for the Northern Lights!

Prices from 1690 NOK

Arctic Fjord Cruise

Cruise with us on our hybrid-electric boat and amplify your experience with unspoiled nature. Spot wildlife both above and below the water. Explore a fjord with a surprising remnant from the war and step ashore at an old fishing facility to learn about the industry that is the lifeline of many Norwegian coastal towns and has formed the culture of Northern Norway.

Prices from 1390 NOK

Fjord & History Cruise

Join the trip with the beautifully restored wooden boat Hermes II. You get to experience both the city and the islands around from the seaside, while you get to hear about the boat's exciting history.

Prices from 1190 NOK
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