Rail & Hike by Arctic Train

The Arctic Train

The first leg of the trip is a one-hour train ride from along the Ofot Line. The ride takes you from Narvik by the fjord, through an unpoilt Arctic landscape, to Bjørnfjell next to the Swedish border. 523 mas. Download the Voice of Norway app before boarding the train and listen to the audio guide. On the trip you can learn about the extremely challenging construction work and the dramatic Battle of Narvik during the Second World War.

The Navvies Road

Building the Ofot railway was an extremely challenging task. The rough terrain and harsh climate made it one of the most impressive feats of engineering in Norwegian history. Before building the actual line, they built a construction road in order to make it easier to transport materials into the mountains. Hike in the footsteps of the navvies’ on this path through virtually untouched Arctic nature with waterfalls, alpine terrain and wild valleys. You will pass historical sites where battles were fought at the beginning of the Second World War and several remnants of the railway construction. The distance from Bjørnfjell to Katterat is 11 kilometers. If you want a shorter option it is possible to exit the Train at Søsterbekk station. The hiking distance from Søsterbekk is 6 kilometer. Contact the staff on board.


The hike ends up at the Katterat in beatuful surroundings with the station building dating from from 1921 and the old railway workshop 1902. Next to the railway line is “Katteratgubben”, a four-metre-tall rock formation that resembles a man – looking over the valley below. This impressive geological formation weighs approx. 10 tons and balances on just a small rock. Enjoy the area while waiting for your afternoon train departure back to Narvik.


11:40 Departure Narvik Station

13:00 Arrival Bjørnfjell Station

11 kilometer Hike to Katterat

18:40 Departure Katterat

19:15 Arrival Narvik

Practical information

  • Meeting point: Narvik Station, Stasjonsveien 1, 8514 narvik
  • Meeting point return: Katterat Train Station 18:40
  • Parking at Narvik Station


  • suitable clothes and hiking shoes
  • Food and water

Location or meeting point

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