Stand-up Paddling on the Istra River

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Join a unique paddling experience on the Istraelven in Åndalsnes! Stand on a paddle board (SUP) and experience spectacular nature while you calmly paddle on a calm green river with the fantastic Romsdal nature around you on all sides!

This is an activity that suits most people with normal physical health. The paddle adventure offers hours of fun combined with a fantastic nature experience. You are standing on a paddleboard on an emerald green river, and the water flows gently under your feet. The professional SUP guide will make this a great adventure. Add this to your "Bucketlist" if you are a true nature lover!

If you want an extra challenge on the trip, we can also arrange a crossing of the river where there is a little rapid, where you will swim over and under obstacles and the last part underwater - ala Kompani Lauritzen on TV2!

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