Snowshoeing, Ice Domes Guided Tour & Reindeer Visit

Your guide will take you on a snowshoe adventure in the surrounding area of the Tromsø Ice Domes and teach you the essential skills of surviving the arctic wilderness. Afterwards, you will explore the beauty of the Tromsø Ice Domes.

We try to spot the living counterparts of some of the animals that you will later see on display made out of snow and ice. Whilst searching for animal tracks your guide will share knowledge of the very nature you’re passing through. The gentle walk on snowshoes takes you further away from civilisation and closer to the true Scandinavian wilderness. For anyone who’s up for a challenge, there’s always some deep snow to make the trekking more demanding.

Our destination is the nature camp where the guide will help you chop wood, start a fire and cook some delicious lunch. With your belly filled you will be shown how you can survive the ice-cold arctic wilderness. How to sleep, what to eat and how to find your way home are just a few of the skills we are more than happy to share with you.

Once you are done with your snowshoeing tour, your next excursion will begin with a visit to the majestic Tromsø Ice Domes. Set among high mountains in the beautiful Tamok Valley, Tromsø Ice Domes is built every year as the Polar Night approaches.

The snow and ice art reflects the unique bond between man and nature in a unique and breath-taking manner. The ice bar, our ice cinema, the ice bedrooms and ice restaurant have themes ranging from local Sami culture to the Northern Lights conveyed through beautiful coloured lighting and wonderful ice sculptures.

At the Ice Domes you will join a guided tour and learn about the construction process of the ice hotel and the impact the snow has for the survival of our arctic animals. There will be time to walk around freely and ask questions to the experienced guide. A non-alcoholic ice shot at the stunning ice bar is complimentary. You will be able to purchase other drinks, which will be served in the ice restaurant or ice bar.

We also have a small group of reindeer at the Tromsø Ice Domes for our guests to visit. Please note that there is no reindeer sledding, Sami culture, or reindeer petting involved in this tour.


Total duration : 8 hours
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Bus Transfer to Camp Tamok
10:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Snowshoeing Activity + Guided Ice Domes Visit
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Bus Transfer back to Tromsø

Location or meeting point

Important information

Meeting time and place

08:45 Samuel Arnesens gate 7, 9008 Tromsø

What to bring or wear

Dress according to the season and in layers so you can adjust your clothing to the weather conditions. At Tromsø Ice Domes you can borrow winter overall suits if necessary.

Food and beverages

During the snowshoeing tour, we will serve a light meal and hot drinks, while at the Ice Domes you'll be served a non-alcoholic complimentary welcome drink made from local berries. Tromsø Ice Domes has a bar where you can purchase cold and hot beverages.

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