The Atlantic Ocean Road

Known as one of the most beautiful car journeys in the world, The Atlantic Ocean Road is a unique stretch of road taking you straight out to the great ocean.

During the 8,3 kilometre stretch, The Atlantic Ocean Road connects Averoy island with mainland Vevang. With the help of 8 bridges this road cuts through islands, islets and reefs surrounded by an immaculate ocean view.

A Journey to Remember

Few places bring you closer to the mighty blue sea than The Atlantic Ocean Road. On this scenic route nature meets architecture and construction masterpieces, and you get to marvel at it all as you drive past gorgeous views accompanied by sea spray and the smell of the ocean.

Marvel at Gorgeous Views

This trip is not about arriving somewhere the fastest way possible – the journey is the experience in itself. Make sure you take plenty of stops along the way to explore everything this route has to offer. The spectacular soaring parth made of grate, basically floating over the terrain, offers a spectacular view of the powerful ocean and beyond.

The viewing platform in Askevagen, built in steel and thick glass, shelters you from the breakwater. This structure is an interesting contrast to the natural surroundings and gives you the chance to get close and personal to the powerful nature forces of the Atlantic Ocean.

Amazing Nature Experiences

The Atlantic Ocean Road is also an eldorado for anyone interested in cycling and hiking. Catch your own dinner at one of many fishing spots along the route. Go for an adventure and surf along the fierce waves. Say hi to a range of seabirds and spot seals in the water.

Norway by Car

Western Norway has plenty of highlights for anyone wishing to explore this beautiful country behind the wheel. Gamle Strynefjellsvegen, Geiranger, Trollstigen, Romsdalen, and of course, The Atlantic Ocean Road are all great ways to explore some of the best natural wonders of Norway. Towering mountains, beautiful fjords, dramatic waterfalls and lush valleys await – step out of the car and explore Norway’s beauty by foot for the real experience.

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