Romsdalen Gondola: All Tickets

The steep mountains. The deep valleys. The winding roads. Romsdalen offers sights that go beyond your expectations.

Take a shortcut to the fantastic fjord and mountain views with the Romsdalsgondolen. An electric cable car, Norway´s first gondola built on sustainability principles, takes you 1679 meters from the fjord up to the mountain Nesaksla (700 meters above sea level), located right above the town of Åndalsnes. The journey up itself is approx. 10 min long.

Here you can enjoy a 360-degree view overlooking the famous Romsdalen mountains, such as the impressive Mt. Romsdalshorn, Mt. Vengetindene, the town centre, lush valleys and the emerald green river Rauma.
In the Eggen Restaurant at the top, visitors can enjoy a meal while admiring the stunning views. Explore the area along short, easy paths on the mountain top to the different viewpoints.

It is possible to do a hike back to the port along a steep path and stone steps, passing Rampestreken viewpoint or take the gondola back down for a quicker, but not less fascinating trip back to the town.

Choose from different types of tickets, all offering an unforgettable experience.

Ticket type:
These are open-date tickets valid throughout 2023; Gondola tickets are scannable at the Romsdalen Gondola Station.

One-way ticket

A ticket for guests who want to get up and take the gondola down - or vice versa. We suggest a walk to Rampestreken and further up to Nesaksla, or a mountain hike over Romsdalseggen in the summer season.
The Via Ferrata routes also take you to the gondola's top station, and you can take the gondola back down.

Round-trip ticket

This return ticket is for you who want to take the gondola both up and down from Nesaksla. The tickets are valid throughout 2023. You can go up and down - or vice versa - on the same day.

1-day pass

Take the gondola all day long! Travel up and down as many times as you want in just one day. Ideal for those who plan both lunch and dinner at Eggen Restaurant.

2-day pass

Take the gondola 2 days in a row! Travel up and down as many times as you want in just two days. Ideal for those who are planning several trips to Eggen Restaurant during two consecutive days. The ticket is valid for two days from the first day you use it.

3-day pass

3 days of unlimited gondola trips! Travel up and down as many times as you want in just three days. Ideal for those who are planning a longer stay at Åndalsnes, and several trips to Eggen Restaurant during three consecutive days.
Great for a quick weekend escape! The ticket is valid for three days from the first day you use it.

Winter Card

This card lasts from 1 October 2022 to 30 April 2023, and pays off after just three trips to the mountains. Perfect for those who want to experience the various events at Eggen Restaurant throughout autumn and spring, or stroll on snowshoes in the snow with the most spectacular view.

Annual Card

The card for those who want to go to the mountains all year round, as often as wanted! When ordering an annual pass, you will receive a confirmation and ticket by email which you take with you to the gondola's ticket window the first time you want to take the gondola. The annual card is personal, and is valid for 365 days from the day you redeem the chip card.

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Dog friendly activity

You can bring your dog along. You can select the add-on once the product is added to the shopping cart.

Ride a bike

You can bring your bike along. You can select the add-on once the product is added to the shopping cart.

Food and beverages

Once at the top, treat yourself to a superb dining experience at Eggen Restaurant, accompanied by a 360-degree view of majestic peaks such as Romsdalshorn, Store Vengetind and Kirketaket.

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