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The Golden Train & Romsdalsgondolen & Dinner at Eggen Restaurant

Part 1: The Golden Train - a Rauma Railway Experience

Marvel at the majestic scenery of high peaks and jagged rock faces with Trollveggen, the engineering masterpiece Kylling bridge and the impressive Verma waterfalls as some of the main attractions on the journey.

The train journey starts at Åndalsnes station, where you will be welcomed by our train hosts.
Apart from the visual feast of Norway’s stunning nature during the train ride, you will be served with unique stories about the ones who have struggled and lived amongst sharp peaks, fed on the river, and climbed the mountains and you'll get to dive into the historical events of the Second World War, the roots of “the Golden Train”.
In April 1940, during the invasion of Norway, the Norwegian gold reserves were quickly evacuated from Oslo in a dramatic rescue operation that took place on this train line.

Moving at a slow pace will allow you the opportunity to capture stunning photographs of the breathtaking natural scenery passing by from the comfort of your window seat.
You will get a short break at our final stop at Bjorli train station. Here you can disembark the train, breathe in the fresh mountain air and take in the serene beauty of the surrounding nature outside.
After this short break, hop back on and continue your incredible journey, as the train is making its way back to Åndalsnes.

Part 2: Romsdalsgondolen

Once you have arrived back in Åndalsnes, you can stroll across the street from the train station, where the Romsdalsgondolens fjord station is located.
From the lower station, you take the 5-minute long spectacular gondola ride up to the Nesaksla mountain, 708 metres above sea level. Enjoy the incredible 360degree view overlooking the famous Romsdalen mountains, lush valleys and the emerald green river Rauma.

Part 3: Eggen Restaurant

At the Eggen Restaurant at the top, you will be served a delicious 3-course dinner based on local ingrediënts while you scout out the valley you have just traveled through on your historic train journey. 
Explore the area along short, easy paths on the mountain top and discover different viewpoints.

Note: Dinner is served at 17:00 (5PM) at Eggen Restaurant (at the top of the mountain)

Location or meeting point

Important information

Meeting time and place

Train Departure: 12:45 at Åndalsnes Train Station 


Train Ride: 12:53 – 15:35 (2 hours 42 min) 


  • The Golden Train Roundtrip Ticket
  • Romsdalsgondolen Roundtrip Ticket
  • English-speaking guide
  • Toilet on board the train
  • 3-course dinner at Eggen Restaurant

Good to know

  • Dinner is served at 17:00 at Eggen Restaurant
  • You can take the gondola down when you want.
  • Please find the opening hours for the Romsdalsgondolen and Eggen Restaurant on:


  • Pets are not allowed on the train.

Special Request

for the Golden Train: 

If you need assistance of a carer, buy your ticket as normal and send an e-mail to in order to reserve a seat for your carer. A carer certificate must be presented upon boarding. 

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