Guided Bus Tour to Trollstigen

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Get the full experience of Trollstigen! This tour allows you to enjoy the view as you elevate up the curvy road. Your guide will tell you the well-kept stories of the area, including the history of the steep road and the many mountains surrounding it.

The guide will give you the most interesting stories from the area, both historic events as well as more current situations, such as the big avalanche on top of Trollstigen during the easter week 2022. When sitting up on the bus, you have every possibility to just enjoy the view while listening to the guide. On top of Trollstigen, you have 1 hours at your own disposal, before the bus goes back down to Åndalsnes.

You can get on the bus at three different locations: (1) Åndalsnes Bus Station, (2) Åndalsnes Camping and (3) Trollstigen Camping & Gjestegård. Please find the time schedule below. Guiding is happening en English, but we have German and Norwegian guides available on request.

Bus time schedule:

11:00 - Avg. Åndalsnes busstasjon ved jernbanestasjonen.
11:05 - Åndalsnes Camping
11:15 – Trollstigen Camping & Gjestegård
11:40 – Trollstigen

12:30 – Dep. Trollstigen
12:55 – Trollstigen Gjestegård
13:05 - Åndalsnes Camping
13:10 - Åndalsnes Bus Station

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