Dog Sledding in Kirkenes

A dog sledding adventure in Kirkenes is an exciting and rewarding experience. Just sit back and take in the beautiful landscape – the musher and the dogs know what to do and where to go, so you can just kick back and enjoy the ride.

During the tour, you will make a stop at the firepit. The huskies get a break and you can relax by the fire with a warm drink. The dogs will also welcome hugs and cuddles at this point. You will also get the chance to drive the sled parts of the way – it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Go Dog sledding Under the Northern Lights

All dog sledding tours start at the husky yard, where you get to meet the dogs – all with their own name and personality. They are very eager to go on their next adventure, and they will howl and bark until we are ready to set off. If you choose a day tour, you get to see more of your surroundings and you can take in the beautiful landscape from the sled.

If you choose an evening husky tour, you also get the chance to experience the Northern Lights should the Green Lady decide to show up. With the shimmering lights dancing above you the husky tour is bound to be an even more memorable experience.

Husky Tours During Summer

The snow doesn’t stay all year, but the huskies' love for running is not going anywhere. When it is too warm to run, the huskies like to chill and relax after the busy winter season. But since the summers in Kirkenes often are cool, the dogs get to train for the upcoming winter season by pulling a wagon instead of a sled.

Led by a team of huskies the musher will drive you through a scenic landscape alongside the beautiful fjord. During the tour you will make several stops to check on the dogs, give them water and of course – lots of cuddles.

dog sledding in kirkenes
During summer the sled i replaced by a wagon

A Range of Activities in One Place

When staying at the gamme cabins, 8 kilometers outside Kirkenes centre, you’ll basically have all you need for your dog sledding holiday in one place. This little “village” consists of a bunch of cabins, the iconic Kirkenes Snowhotel, the Låven Restaurant and the husky yard. It is also the start and end point for king crab, snowmobile, ice fishing, Northern Lights, and dog sledding tours.

While staying in one of the cabins all meals are included – breakfast buffet, lunch and a 3 course dinner. At the same time you have a huge range of exciting Northern Norwegian activities just a few metres from your doorstep. Say hello to dogs whenever you feel like and visit the reindeer park and feed the reindeers. Visit Snowhotel Kirkenes – the most unique accommodation around – and spend the night if you are looking for a cool and chill experience.

Snowhotel Kirkenes 365

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can also spend a night in the cool and wonderful ice hotel. This hotel – completely made of snow and ice – consists of an ice bar, and 14 stunning ice suites, with illuminated art carved by professional artists.

The hotel stays open all year, allowing you to walk from luscious green surroundings into the magical winter wonderland in the middle of summer. If you are not up for a full night in the snow and ice, you can just go for a visit instead.

Husky Taxi

Have you heard of a husky taxi before? Thanks to this service you could have a team of huskies waiting for you as you step off the plane and bring you to your cabin accommodation. This is by far the most unique airport transfer in all of Norway. Would you prefer to combine this experience with seeing mighty fjords or experiencing the city life at night? Check out these other places you could go dog sledding in Norway!

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