Dog Sledding in Norway

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Want to learn more about dog sledding in Norway? Let a team of fluffy companions lead the way through dramatic mountain sceneries and vivid landscapes. Wagging their tails like a propeller, the huskies are truly having the time of their lives doing what they love the most: running!

Mush your own team of huskies – step off the break and feel the cool breeze brush your face as you take off through the beautiful landscapes. Travel through the pristine snow in silence during winter, or relax in a wagon and marvel at the luscious green surroundings during summer.

Husky Tours – Authentic and Ethical

Considering the horror stories connected to animal cruelty it’s no wonder people ask themselves: Is dog sledding cruel? You might have heard stories about animals being forced to perform hard labour on hot summer days, beatings when they don’t do as they are told, and killed when they are no longer able to work.

Unfortunately dogs being treated poorly is also a fact in tour operators around the world. Luckily Norway has proper laws against animal cruelty – mistreating animals in any way, shape of form is strictly forbidden in Norway, ensuring that this is an ethical activity. Besides, if a dog doesn’t want to run – it will just lie down. And yes, they do get tired, but they get plenty of rest between tours, so there is no chance of exhaustion.

Alaskan huskies are actually at their happiest when they get to run – this is what they were born to do. Bred especially for their sledding and pulling abilities this mixed breed can run up to 50 kilometers (30 miles) per hour. They are strong, resilient and energetic and they love to meet and greet guests. So don’t be shy – give them a cuddle or two!

Go For a Summer Adventure!

A lot of operators have tours all year. On hot summer days the huskies love to take it easy and relax in the shade, but as the summers in Norway tend to have a lot of cool days, especially in the northern regions, the dogs have the option to go on a summer adventure on wheels. By pulling an ATV or a wagon the dogs get to train for the upcoming and busy winter season. Because even though the snow disappears, the dog's love for running is not going anywhere. We make a lot of stops during the tours to check if the dogs are okay and to give them water. Hugs and cuddles are welcome too!

Where is the Best Place to go?

Norway has husky tours every part of the country – all seasons. One destination is not necessarily better than another, it really just depends on what part of Norway you want to see and what other activities you are interested in. Want to explore a vibrant city life, go on an Northern Lights cruise or go whale watching? Go to Tromsø! Want to stay in a relaxed place, go king crab fishing and visit an all year open ice hotel? Kirkenes is the place to go! Steep mountain peaks, emerald green rivers and deep blue fjords? Visit Romsdalen!

PS: If seeing the Northern Lights is on your bucket list, head north during the winter season.

Tromso – Have a Once in a Lifetime Experience 3 Times a Day

Be a sled driver for a day! On the Tromsø self-drive tours you will share the dog sled with one other person. Mush a team of fluffy new friends through the snowy terrain. Take your place in the back of the sled when you are ready to relax and let your travel companions take charge.

Go during day time and take in the breathtaking snowy landscape around you. Or go on an evening tour for the chance to have the Northern Lights dance above you in the night sky.

Soak in the vibrant city life and explore a range of restaurants, cafes and clubs. Combine the adventure with other popular activities in the north. Spend the night in a magical hotel made of snow and ice. Go on a Northern Lights cruise and sail towards the Green Diva. Try reindeer sledding and enjoy a VIP ride tucked in under a warm blanket. Learn to drive a snowmobile in the wilderness. Go on a sightseeing cruise around Tromsø Island during summer. Enjoy the midnight sun and try a husky adventure on wheels. Read more about dog sledding tours in Tromsø.

Kirkenes – All Arctic Highlights Right at Your Feet

Kirkenes is the perfect destination for anyone whose main goal is to do a range of activities – and not necessarily interested in city life or the destination itself. Stay in the Gamme cabins outside Kirkenes Snowhotel – and have everything you need for your Arctic holiday in one place. Spend a night in the ice hotel – open all year round. Walk from the green summer into the winter kingdom and spend the night on a block of ice. Join a 4 hour long snowmobile drive along the Russian border. Go king crab fishing – help pull the mighty beasts from the sea and feast like royalty. Chase the Northern Lights with a team of huskies leading the way through the Arctic wilderness. Feed the reindeers and visit the dogs at the husky yard.

Kirkenes Snowhotel makes it easy to combine your husky tour with other activities. A stay in the cabins include three meals a day at Låven restaurant and all tours start near your doorstep. Choose between a daytime or evening tour during winter – take in the beautiful surroundings during the day or see if Lady Aurora wants to make an appearance during night time. Go on a husky tour by wheels during summer and enjoy luscious green surroundings. The Kirkenes tours are not self-drive options in the same sense as the Tromsø tours, but you get to drive the sled yourself parts of the way to get the feeling of what it’s like to be a musher. Read more about dog sledding in Kirkenes.

Romsdalen – Mighty Mountains and Magical Adventures

Romsdalen is known for its varied mountain scenery and dramatic landscapes. Why not experience the amazing nature with a team of Siberian huskies by your side? Go for a sledding tour at the foot of Trollstigen and mush your own husky team surrounded by majestic mountains.

Combine your husky adventure with other activities. Glide over the emerald green water of the Istra River on a SUP tour surrounded by stunning nature. Take the gondola up to the Nesaksla Mountain and dine above the clouds. Step out of your comfort zone and try via ferrata. Or, for a different husky adventure – bring a four-legged companion on a hike to the renowned Kløvstien. Read more about dog sledding in Romsdalen.

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