Best Things to do in Norway

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Welcome to the Kingdom of Norway – the land of fjords, mountains and mesmerising beauty. This elongated country has a lot to offer from south to north and in this article we’ll take a look at some of the best things to do when visiting.

5 Bucket List Experiences

Let's start with some breathtaking places and things you should add to your bucket list; Geirangerfjord, Senja, Lofoten and Hardangervidda – and of course seeing the Northern Lights.

1) Explore the Geirangerfjord

Included on UNESCO's World Heritage list the Geirangerfjord region offers some of the most extraordinary nature sights in this country. Go on a shore excursion and experience Mt. Dalsnibba and Eagle Road. Take part in an epic RIB safari. Try a guided kayak tour and meet “The Seven Sister”. Experience numerous fjord and sightseeing cruises offering some of the most spectacular views around.

2) See The Northern Lights

This phenomenon is on many people’s bucket list for their winter holiday. The further north you go, the higher the solar activity will be, which means you’ll have a greater chance of catching the lights. Svalbard, Bodø, Tromso and Kirkenes are some of the most popular places for chasing the Green Diva. A dark, clear sky is what you want, and the season lasts approximately from November to March.

3) Go on a Senja Island Adventure

This fairy tale island in Troms and Finnmark county is a must see for any nature lover. Divided in two like a half-and-half pizza, you’ll experience delicate, green and inviting landscape on the landward side, and raw scenery with brutally stormy weather on the oceanside.

4) Visit Lofoten

A popular summer destination, the Lofoten archipelago is known for breathtaking views, dramatic mountains, small fishing villages and spectacular fjords. Join a cruise and enjoy the beautiful scenery from the sea as you spot local wildlife like eagles and whales. Go for a bike ride or hike up a mountain. Spend the night in Å Rorbuer – a traditional fishing hut located in the best preserved fishing village in the area. This is a top tourism spot in with plenty things to keep your busy. See the Northern Lights dance during winter and enjoy the Midnight Sun during summer.

5) Hardangervidda

From vast mountain plateaus to gorgeous fjords Hardangervidda offers a range of varied experiences and picturesque landscapes. The country's largest national park has plenty of marked paths to follow making it any hiker lover’s playground.

Beautiful Places And Must See Attractions

There are plenty of ways to explore the Norwegian beauty – Travel by train, hike up to a mountain or take a cruise through the many fjords. Take part in authentic experiences and learn more about the ancient culture through activities like dog sledding, museum visits and Sami encounters

Take a Scenic Train Ride

Travelling by train is a great way to see the country in one trip and explore some gorgeous nature sights along the way.

Flåmsbanen is is perhaps the most well-known train route, taking you through 20 tunnels and allowing you to explore the magnificent western nature with impressive waterfalls and mountains. This short yet scenic route, takes you from Myrdal to Flåm, at the end of Aurlandsfjord (a branch of the Sognefjord).

Other scenic train journeys include Bergensbanen, Dovrebanen, Raumabanen, Rørosbanen, Sørlandsbanen and Nordlandsbanen.

Go Dog Sledding

Bred for their sledding abilities the Alaskan huskies need no fuel or ruse to start running – in fact, if you forget to put the brake on the sled, they will take off, leaving you baffled as you watch your sled transportation disappear into the woods.

Dog sledding in can be done in most parts of the country, all year. Go on a self-drive tour in Tromso as the sled glides silently through the snow. Relax in the back of the sled in Kirkenes and try being the musher parts of the way.

Replace the sled with a wagon during summer and travel by wheels in Hedmark, Beitostølen, or above the Arctic circle.

A short drive from Oslo you will find the Laagen Treetop Cabins. Regardless of the location just outside the busy capital, this nature resort offers the perfect opportunity to be at one with nature and find inner peace. Fall asleep under the stars and wake up to the sound of birds chirping and the comfortable ripples from the river.

Other popular treetop spots include the PAN cabins in Finnskogen. Himmelhyttene in Stord, the micro cabins in Kragerø, and the tree top cabins in Gjerstad, Ullensvang and Halden.

Cruise Through The Fjords With Hurtigruten

This cruise from Bergen to Kirkenes through the Norwegian coast has become an iconic route for visitors from near and far. Stopping at 32 ports along the way Hurtigruten gives you the opportunity to see as much of the country as you want along the journey. If you take the 12-day cruise during winter season Hurtigruten is so sure you’ll see the Northern Lights at some point during the trip – if you don’t they will offer you a six or seven day trip free of charge.

Take a ride with Fløibanen. This iconic funicular railway has brought passengers from Bergen city centre to the Fløyen Mountain for more than a hundred years. On top of the mountain there’s a cafe, restaurant, playground, shop and several hiking trails for you to explore. Not to mention a spectacular view of Bergen city.

Go King Crab Fishing

Dubbed The King Crab City, Kirkenes is the perfect place to secure the freshest crab meal around. During summer you'll help the guides pull up the pots from a RIB boat, and during winter you'll pull them up through a hole in the ice. As soon as the boiling water is ready, the guide prepares the crab the perfect way. No sauce. No nonsense. Nothing but fresh crab, straight from the sea into the casserole and up on your plate. Okay, you will have bread, mayonnaise, and some lemon. The tools are your hands, a pair of scissors, and paper towels to keep you clean. That’s it. In Kirkenes, you will also find the popular snowhotel. Read more about ice hotels in Norway here!

Hike up to a Mountain Peak!

This country is packed with mountain trails and marked paths to enjoy. The Norwegian Trekking Association has an elaborate overview of hiking routes. A few highlights include:

Galdhøpiggen – The highest mountain in Norway, Scandinavia and Northern Europe offers fantastic views of Jotunheimen. Located in Innlandet county, this is a popular hike locals and visitors.

Preikestolen – Marvel at the view of the beautiful Lysefjord outside Stavanger. CNN Travel has named Preikestolen the number one natural wonder on their top 50 list.

Romsdalseggen – Brutally rising up form fjords and peaks this hike is a beautiful mountain hike. This is just one of many hiking options in Romsdalen through amazing western Norwegian nature.


Visit Oslo – The Capital

Oslo has a lot of cool places and options to keep you busy for a few days. Spend a day in Frognerparken and Vigelandsparken and have a photoshoot with all the interesting sculptures and statues. Enjoy a concert in Oslo Cathedral. Go sightseeing on a cruise in the Oslo Fjord. Visit the Opera House – take a tour or enjoy a show. Pay a visit to the Munch Museum and enjoy Edward Munch's iconic artwork up close.

Se Polar Bears and Glaciers at Svalbard

Located between the mainland and the North Pole, this archipelago is one of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas. Known for its rugged terrain, glaciers and frozen tundra this is a popular bucket list destination. Enjoy the midnight sun during summer and marvel at the Northern Lights during winter. Go on a polar bear safari by snowmobile and spot reindeer and Arctic foxes along the way.

Take a Cable Car Shortcut to Epic Nature Spots

With the help of different cable cars, several destinations allow you to go from ground level to the mountain in a few minutes. Thanks to this, some of the country's most beautiful peaks have been more accessible for more people.

The Romsdalen Gondola

Norway’s longest skylift brings you from the fjord to the Nesaksla Mountain in Romsdalen. Enjoy spectacular views of majestic peaks and luscious valleys as you are transported 708 metres above sea level. At Eggen Restaurant you can enjoy a fine dining experience with amazing mountain views in all directions.


Travel to Storheisen Mountain in style. From 421 metres above sea level you’ll be able to enjoy spectacular views of Tromso, the surrounding islands, mountains and fjords. Grab a bite to eat at Fjellstua Restaurant or go sightseeing.

Other Noteworthy Cable Car Journeys

The Loen Skylift – This aerial tramway brings you from the fjord to the top of Mount Hoven. On the top, 1011 metres above sea level, you’ll have amazing views of Nordfjord and the surrounding areas. Hoven Restaurant has a selection of warm and cold dishes – from soups and salads to burgers and lamb shank.

Ulriksbanen – Take the cable car up to Ulriken, the highest of Bergen’s seven mountains. Enjoy amazing nature, rough mountain landscapes and the best views of Bergen.

The Voss Gondola – A favourite among hikers, bikers, skiers and visitors, the Voss Gondola brings you 820 metres above sea level from Voss train station. The 8.8 minute journey offer scenic panoramic views and Hangurstoppen Restaurant serves tasty dishes based on local ingredients.

Snowmobiling Tours

In some northern parts, the snowmobile is just as common as a Vespa in Italy. Take your place in the driver’s seat and glide through the snowy landscapes – or chill in the passenger seat and enjoy the scenery. In Kirkenes you can go on a 4 hour long ride by the Russian border and in Svalbard you can trip to the realm of the polar bear. If you go on an evening trip you may also see the Northern Lights on your tour. Read more about amazing snowmobile tours here!

Beautiful Car Trips

Travel Along The Atlantic Ocean Road

Known as the “road in the ocean'', Atlanterhavsveien has been dubbed one of the world’s most beautiful road trips. A part of route 64, this 8,3 kilometre stretch takes you through a series of rocky islands and bridges between Kristiansund and Molde.

Trollstigen – Along this serpentine mountain road you can feel the adrenaline pump through your veins as you explore the dizzying views. During peak season over 2000 cars and bikes travel through this road.

The Discovery Route – This historical journey goes from Stavanger to Bergen.

Experience epic mountains, glaciers, crystal clear rivers, dramatic waterfalls, and immaculate fjords.

Under – Have a bite to eat at the underwater restaurant in Lindesnes, 5,5 metres below surface this unique restaurant gives you an insights to the mystic wonders under the sea.

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