Amazing Snowmobile Tours in Norway

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Learn how to drive a snowmobile in the wilderness! Take your place in the driver's seat and make your way through the snow-covered tracks in beautiful snowy surroundings. Dubbed “the scooter of the north” the snowmobile is as common as a car in the Nordic regions and helps connect remote places not accessible by bigger vehicles.

Ready for a snowy adventure? Read more about our snowmobile tours and join the fun. There are a few different tours to choose from. Daytime or evening departure? Tromsø or Kirkenes? Let’s take a closer look at your options.

Snowmobile Tours in Tromsø

Drive a state-of-the-art skidoo through the snowy trails – a safe and thrilling experience all at once. You don’t need any previous experience operating this vehicle – as long as you hold a valid driver’s licence and just a taaaad thirst for adventure, you are good to go. There will be two people per snowmobile – with plenty of options to switch places during the tour.

Snowmobile Tours Daytime:

Take in the scenery during the day – marvel at the majestic mountains, the deep blue fjords, and the snow covered trees as you follow the guide through the tracks. After the snowmobiling you will get a nice warm meal around the open fire – the perfect time to relax and warm up before heading back to Tromsø.

Snowmobile Tours Evening:

An evening snowmobile adventure in Tromsø is pretty much identical to the day time tours, you’ll just be driving in the dark – sometimes the only light you’ll see is the headlight of the snowmobile in front of you. You won’t be able to enjoy as much of your surroundings on these trips, but you might just have the most epic memories of all – with the Northern Lights lighting up your way.

PS: The evening snowmobiling tour in Tromsø is not focusing on chasing Aurora – but the Green Lady tends to show up, invited or not. Sometimes, when the Northern Light is really strong, it lights up the entire Tamok Valley with its green shimmering beams.

Snowmobile Tours in Kirkenes

Go on an epic snowmobile adventure through the snowy landscape. Catch the Arctic wind as you soak in the thrills. You don’t need any previous experience driving a snowmobile, the guide will tell you everything you need to know – like the emergency exits (left and right) and explain how you can avoid hitting a tree. The most important thing of all though, is to have fun – so if you are not comfortable driving fast, for example, take it easy, the guide will set the speed according to the slowest driver and wait for you. No one ever drives past the guide anyway – after all, it’s not a race. You will drive in pairs, so you can take turns being the driver and the passanger.

snowmobile tour kirkenes

Daytime: Go for a two hour joyride past frozen fjords, miles and miles of sparse tundra, dense pine forests and frozen lakes. During the daytime you really get to soak in the beautiful surroundings.

Evening: Choose an evening departure and chase the Northern Lights! With an expert driver leading the way into the remote and dark areas, you will increase your chances of spotting the dancing Green Diva.

Russian Border Expedition: Go far into the Pasvik Valley to the Russian border at the Pasvik River, through beautiful forest landscape. This four hour long adventure gives you plenty of time to enjoy your trip.

Snowhotel Kirkenes – The Base For Your Kirkenes Adventure Holiday

Located 8 km outside the city centre, Kirkenes Snowhotel is the perfect base for your Kirkenes adventure holiday. This place is much more than the hotel made of snow and ice – which is a bucket list experience in itself. Stay at the gamme cabins and marvel at the Northern Lights through the panorama windows – a range of activities will be waiting for you just around the corner. Go Snowmobiling through the beautiful forest landscape towards the Russian border and wave to our neighbours in the east. Try dog sledding, be the musher parts of the way, and let your 8 new and fluffy friends lead the way. Go fishing for massive sea monsters and try the freshest king crab you’ll ever come across – straight from the Barents sea to the casserole and onto your plate. Chill at the back of a comfortable and warm bus as the knowledgeable guides drive you towards the Aurora dream.

Camp Tamok – The Start of your Tromsø Arctic Adventure

The Tromsø snowmobile tours start and end at Camp Tamok – our wilderness centre 75 minutes outside of Tromsø city. During winter this is the base of a lot of different winter activities by dog sled, snowmobile and reindeer sled. At the same location you will also find Tromsø Ice Domes – the magical ice hotel – rebuilt every year when the polar night approaches. Combine the visit with an activity or two. Or three. Maybe you even want to spend the night in an ice bed and wake up to the wonders of the Arctic.

Snowmobile Combination Packages in Tromsø

For thrillseekers wanting to combine more than one adventure you can also go on a combination package tour and tailor the experience to your own wishes and desires. Have an epic Artic adventure – and then do it again. And again.

Combine a Snowmobiling With an Ice Hotel and Reindeer Visit

Why not combine a snowmobiling adventure with more experiences! This combination tour starts with a snowmobiling adventure through the beautiful snow-covered Finn Valley followed by a visit to Tromsø Ice Domes. In this wonderful kingdom made of ice and snow you can explore the different ice sculptures and art – new and unique every time the hotel is built. The guide will tell you about how the hotel is built and teach you about the Arctic wildlife in the area. You will have plenty of time to walk around freely and explore the different art and ice carvings. Have a complimentary non-alcoholic shot at the ice bar, and visit the group of reindeers outside.

Camp Tamok - 1 Night / 2 Days Overnight Package

Have a once in a lifetime experience – and then wake up and do it all over again the next day! This overnight package tour combines an evening adventure, an overnight stay in the wilderness and a morning adventure the following day: Three once-in-a-lifetime experiences in one!

Start off with the evening adventure of your choice – Snowmobiling, Northern Lights Visit or Reindeer Sledding. Stay overnight in your preferred accommodation: Aurora Chalet or Char Cabin, wake up in the Arctic wilderness and enjoy a nice breakfast. Go on your next adventure in the gorgeous Tamok Valley – Choose between dog sledding, snowmobiling or reindeer sledding.

Camp Tamok – Full Day Package

Spend an entire day at Camp Tamok! Create your own combination of activities. You will be picked up in Tromsø in the morning for a 75 minute transfer to the camp, where you will spend the next 4,5 hours. At the camp you will pick your first activity followed by a nice hot meal after a bit of relaxing and leisure time you will choose your evening activity. Try dog sledding and conquer the Arctics with a team of fluffy huskies ready to be your next friends. Visit Lady Aurora at one of her favourite dancing spots. Camp Tamok holds the right setting for clear skies, solar storms and dark surroundings – which is why it’s an optimal place to view the Northern Lights. Take your place in the back of the reindeer sled and let Rudolph and his friends lead the way through the wonderful snowy surroundings.

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