Explore Fjellheisen!

The Fjellheisen cable car lifts you up to Storsteinen Mountain, 421 metres above sea level. At the top you can enjoy amazing views of the city, and during winter this is the best place to see the beautiful Northern Lights in Tromso. Here are some tips on how to explore Fjellheisen and the mountain area.

The Storsteinen hike – A short and easy hike starting from the centre of Tromsø leading to the Storsteinen summit. Follow the Sherpa staircase and enjoy the views of the city and the surrounding fjords.

Hike to Floya (671 m.a.s.l.)

You can reach Floya by following the Sherpa steps from the northern side or take the somewhat longer route from the south side. If you want an easier start to the adventure you could of course also hitch a ride with the cable car up to Storsteinen Mountain.This hike offers excellent views of Tromso and the surrounding islands – perfect for children and adults alike.

Tromsdalstinden (1238 m.a.s.l.)

Embark on a journey to Tromso’s highest peak, Tromsdalstinden. Catch a lift with the cable car to Storsteinen, hike to Floya across to Bønntuva and down into the Djupdalen valley. The path takes you up “The red ridge”, providing a glimpse of the challenging and rewarding journey ahead. The final push up to the summit might challenge your motivation and determination for a moment, but the views from the top will make it all worth it!

Snowshoeing Tour

During winter you can join the experienced guides on a relaxing snowshoeing hike. Enjoy fantastic views over the city, mountains and sea, ang get treated to a snack and a warm drink at Fjellstua Restaurant.

On clear winter evenings you might even be accompanied by The Green Lady. Not sure how her snowshoeing skills are, but she sure knows how to dance in the sky and make your trip one to remember. Fjellheisen is the best place in Tromso to see the amazing Northern Lights

Fjellstua Restaurant

This airy mountain restaurant is the perfect place for a casual lunch, a dinner with friends or a drink or two. Enjoy dining above the clouds and take in the beautiful city views before heading back down by foot or the cable car.

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