How to get from Oslo to Kirkenes

Kirkenes is the perfect base for many arctic adventures, such as Northern Lights tours, husky trips, king crab safaris, ice fishing, – and Snowhotel Kirkenes, the most unique hotel in the area made completely out of snow and ice.

Are you planning a city break to Oslo and wondering if you can squeeze in a piece of Northern Norway on the same trip? Or maybe you live in the capital and dream about an Arctic getaway but “it’s just too far away”. Located far north in our elongated country in an area bordering both Finland and Russia many people may have an idea of this place being “unreachable”, but getting to Kirkenes from Oslo is actually quite simple. The arctic adventure might be closer than you think!

Catch a Direct Flight to Kirkenes

The easiest way to get to Kirkenes from Oslo is by plane and the major airlines in Norway (SAS and Norwegian) will have direct flights. That means that the quickest options will take you to Kirkenes from Oslo in just about 2 hours!

Some flights might have a layover in Tromsø, but with the most convenient options, this will be around an hour, meaning the total duration of the trip will still just be 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Note that the airlines might not have direct flights to Kirkenes every day, so play around with dates and check what days have the best options.

By using SkyScanner, Google Flights, or similar, you can compare airlines and filter out the options with multiple layovers and a duration of 16-17 hours or more. Having 2 or 3 layovers and waiting for hours at each airport and wasting half a day traveling might be more trouble than it’s worth.

And if you are wondering, direct flights will in most cases not be more expensive than connecting flights. Sometimes they are even cheaper!

Everyone might not be aware that an arctic adventure in Kirkenes is only 2 hours away from Oslo. And if you live somewhere else, getting to Kirkenes via Oslo is normally quite convenient too. You can for example catch a flight from Kristiansand to Kirkenes in 3 hours and 35 minutes with a layover in Oslo. For comparison, driving the same distance would take 27 hours!

Get a Husky Transfer from Kirkenes Airport!

Did you know that Snowhotel Kirkenes has one of the most unique airport transfers in the world? If you are planning a visit to this magical winter wonderland, you could have a team of huskies waiting for you as you step off the plane. You can book this transfer at various times during the winter season and it’s definitely more memorable than the standard airport shuttle.

Travel in style with a team of strong and eager huskies transporting you across the arctic mountains to the extraordinary hotel made of snow and ice. What a perfect way to start your arctic adventure!

PS: The snowhotel holds a constant temperature of 4℃, summer and winter, so no matter when you are visiting it's a good idea to bring some warm clothes like long thermal underwear, extra layers, and warm socks. Warm outdoor clothes like thermal overalls, hats, mittens and warm winter boots are included when staying at the snowhotel. Upon arrival, you’ll also receive a warm sleeping bag and some tips on how to stay warm. Enjoy a magical night amongst snow and ice!

Curious about the snowhotel, or others like it? You can read more about ice hotels in Norway here!

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