Narvik – The Gateway to a Complete Northern Holiday

A winter holiday in the North? Located on the shores of Ofotfjorden Narvik is an interesting destination for your Northern Norwegian holiday.

Narvik is full of history from the second world war and blessed with plenty of Northern Lights evenings.Travel with the Arctic Train and marvel at the wild and beautiful nature sceneries. Explore the gorgeous Ofotfjord by one of many cruises. Pop by the Polar Park and have a meet and greet with the many Arctic species. Go hiking in beautiful nature and explore towering mountain peaks. Marvel at the midnight sun during summer and watch the Northern Lights dance in the winter.

In many ways you could say that Narvik serves as a gateway to other popular destinations in the North. Approximately a 3,5 hours drive from Narvik you will find Tromsø – The Paris of the North! Here you can continue your Arctic adventure. Go dog sledding, try your hand as a musher and make friends with a team of adorable huskies. Drive your own snowmobile and catch the Arctic wind. Let a team of reindeer lead the way through the snow while you kick back and relax in the sled. Say hello to the whales of Norway on a fjord cruise and feel like Moby Dick without the drama.

Want to visit the most beautiful place on earth? Narvik is also a 3 hour drive from Lofoten. Lofoten is particularly popular during summer where you can experience the gorgeous scenery on numerous fjord and wildlife cruises. Known as one of the most beautiful places on earth Lofoten is a natural stopping point

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