Whale Watching in Norway

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Watching the majesties of the deep blue sea up close is defintiely a moment you won’t forget. In Norway you are most likely to spot humpback and killer whales enjoying the waves in the cool winter sea, but you can also spot species like fin whale, pilot whale, minke whale and porpoise.

Where to go Whale Watching in Norway

If you want to see whales in Norway, the northern part is the place to go. These waters hold the ultimate feeding ground and playground for these mammals in this part of the world. For the best chance of spotting them it is advised to go out on boat and meet them in their quarters – experiencing them coming up to shore are rather rare.

Whale Watching in Tromso

During winter the humpback whales travel from the warm Caribbean coast to the cool waters off the Northern Norwegian coast to take part in an ultimate herring feastt. They follow the fish, and this time of year huge accumulations of herring spawn in this area. The orcas also come to join in on the food fest – which is great news for anyone dreaming of seeing them up close. Read more about whale watching safaris in Tromso.

Dubbed the Arctic Gateway, Tromso is a natural base for a range of Arctic activities. Go dog sledding and let a team of fluffy new friends lead the way through the crisp snow. Drive your own snowmobile through the Arctic landscapes or go reindeer sledding and learn about the Sami culture. Watch the Northern Lights dance above you all night. The blue winter light sets the perfect mood for a true Arctic adventure in this area.

Whale Watching in Andoya

Andoya has long been a great location for whale watching due to the island's proximity to the areas with large accumulations of different species. Known as the “Whale Kingdom of the North”, this has long been a popular destination for travelers wanting a meet and greet with the majesties of the ocean.

Andoya also has spectacular nature experiences to be explored. Go for a stroll on endless white beaches and take in the scenery. Go for a hike in the mountains, pick berries and enjoy the views. Bring your fishing gear and catch your own dinner. Join a cruise and go on a seal or bird safari. Marvel at the midnight sun during summer and watch the Northern Lights dance in the winter.

What species can you see?

In the deep blue seas of the Norwegian waters you can find species such as minke whale, pilot whale, sperm whale and porpoises. The most common species to spot is by far the orcas (killer whales) and the humpback whales. These two species have herrings as a huge part of their diet, which the coastal areas in Northern Norway are rich with during wintertime.

What is the Best Month to go?

The season In Tromso and Northern Norway varies each year but the peak time is usually between November and January. Theyfollow the fish so their presence is hugely dependent on when and where the herring spawns. In general the winter season is the best time, and this is also when the whale safari tours are organised.

Going on a Safari Tour

The best way to increase your chances of spotting the kings and queens of the ocean is by going on an organised tour. During winter you will not see much daylight in Northern Norway. Make sure you choose a tour with an early departure to make the most out of the limited light this time of year.

To help keep the whale watching tours an eco-conscious activity, please choose a tour that follows the proper guidelines for respecting the marine life. The Norwegian Travel tours are designed to ensure the sustainability of this spectacular ecosystem, and follow the AECO guidelines for whale watching.

Popular Winter Activities in Northern Norway

As long as you are setting out to locate the sea majesties you may want to check out other activities in the area. In the north you can choose between a range of exciting activities. Visit one of the snow hotels, sleep on a block of ice and dream of a late checkout. Conquer the Arctic in new and exciting ways – make new fluffy friends as a team of huskies pull the sled through the snowy terrain. Go snowmobiling and catch the Arctic wind as you take the steering wheel through the woods. Take it easy in the back of the sled as the reindeer whisk you away. Watch lady Aurora dance in the sky and wish for an encore.

The Northern Lights Dancing in Tromso

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