Arctic Whale Watching Tours in Norway

A whale watching tour is a great way to explore the Arctic nature and experience the rich marine life up close. Spot humpback whales, orcas, and harbour porpoises in the cold waters of Tromsø! The moment the ocean's most magnificent creatures break the surface to say hello, is definitely one to remember.

Join an Overnight Northern Lights & Whale Watching Safari

Keen to knock off two Arctic bucket list items in one go? This unique 24-hour expedition combines the thrill of whale watching with the opportunity to catch the Northern Lights. The first part of the trip focuses on chasing and finding the magical Green Lady showcasing the Aurora Borealis light show for us. As we go straight through th

Departing from central Tromsø, you'll sail through the Arctic fjords, far from city lights, to find the best viewing spots. You will spend the night in an ocean-facing cabin, opening up for the possibility of spotting whales right outside your porthole window.

Spending the night at sea gives you the option to reach the whales early in the morning, maximising your time with the whales. The tour includes everything you need for the trip – warm winter gear, accommodation and meals. Read more and book your tour here.

Comfortable Whale Watching Safari on a high-speed catamaran

Join an exhilarating journey aboard a high-speed modern catamaran, heading to the heart of the whale's winter wonderland. The modern vessel guarantees a comfortable journey, and allows you to spend the maximum possible time with the whales.

On the way to the whales you can relax in our spacious lounge. Enjoy the scenic view and learn more about the whales and the local history from our knowledgeable guides. Read more and book your Whale Watching Safari here.

Best Time for Whale Watching

The best time for these tours is during the winter period, aligning with the whales' migration to the Norwegian coast. This is when you will have the best chances of witnessing these magnificent creatures up close.

Our tours adhere to the AECO guidelines for whale watching in order to ensure minimal impact on marine life.

Beyond Whale Watching

Your Arctic adventure doesn't have to end with whale watching. This region offers vast range of other activities, such as dog sledding, snowmobiling, staying the night in an ice hotel, learning more about the Sami culture and catching the mesmerising Northern Lights.

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