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Whale Watching Safari on High-Speed Catamaran

Step aboard our high-speed modern catamaran and join an exhilarating journey to the heart of the whale's winter wonderland. Our swift vessel ensures that we are one of the first boats at the whale sighting area, on every tour, maximising your time among these magnificent creatures.

During winter the humpback and killer whales migrate to Northern Norway, to the cold waters of Tromsø to feed on the Atlantic herring throughout the winter months (mid-October until end of January).

As we cruise to the whale location, you are treated to stunning views of the Lyngen Alps and a captivating, scenic voyage. Our knowledgeable guides offer insightful information about the whales and local history, ensuring a fun and educational experience. Relax in our spacious lounge, fitted with panoramic windows and watch the ocean wonders unfold.

If you don't see any whales on your tour, you get to book a second tour for free at Norwegian Travel sales shop, Sjøgata 16 (subject to availability on the next tour).

We are dedicated to providing eco-conscious experiences and our tours are designed to respect marine life. We adhere to the AECO guidelines for whale watching, and we are Eco-lighthouse certified.

Our boat is spacious with a comfortable, warm lounge with panoramic windows, a big kiosk, lavatories, and several outside decks.

Location or meeting point

Important information

Meeting time and place

08:10 at the harbourside of Nerstranda, Strandgata 9, 9008 Tromsø


  • 08:30 – 16:30 (8 hours) Exact duration depends on the location of the whales.
  • Travel time to reach the whale area: Approximately 2 hours.

Food and beverages

  • Free coffee and tea
  • Our onboard kiosk has a large selection of snacks and beverages available for purchase

What to bring or wear

  • Dress according to the season and weather conditions (e.g. warm footwear, hat, scarf, gloves, layers)
  • If you need an extra layer, we can offer you a winter overall suit which we have on board the ship.

Special Request

  • We only have capacity for one electric wheelchair and a limited number of manual wheelchairs per trip. We help passengers with manual wheelchairs get into a regular seat, when possible.
  • Send us an email with your booking number, and we will inform our crew that you are coming.
  • We urge travelers bringing wheelchairs to meet up at the departure point in plenty of time before departure.


  • Scenic transport by boat
  • Free coffee and tea throughout the duration of the trip
  • Thermal winter suit and life jacket
  • English-speaking guide
  • Short presentation about whales, local nature and culture
  • Safety instructions

Good to know

  • We cannot guarantee whale sightings as we are depending on marine life in their natural habitat on this wildlife tour. Sighting might also be affected by difficult weather conditions

  • Keep in mind that the weather in the Arctic can be rough. If becoming seasick is your concern, we recommend taking seasickness medicine half an hour before the tour start

  • No pets allowed

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