1 Hour Photo & History Cruise

This tour is conducted by Hermes II.

Join us aboard the Hermes II as we embark on a captivating fjord and photo cruise around the breathtaking landscapes of Tromsø. This remarkable journey not only offers you a selection of carefully curated photo opportunities amidst our awe-inspiring surroundings but also unveils the rich history of our cherished authentic wooden vessel.

Step into the world of total relaxation on board our venerable wooden boat, just minutes away from the heart of Tromsø. The Hermes II seamlessly blends the charm of a bygone era with modern amenities, including a heated lounge, a well-stocked bar, and comfortable below-deck facilities.

A true relic of the past, the Hermes II was originally constructed in 1917 as a versatile cargo vessel, tasked with transporting fish, coal, animals, and building materials. Over time, it took on new roles, including shrimp and capelin fishing. After decades of tireless service, the boat underwent an extensive restoration project from 2016 to 2019, earning it the status of a certified preservation masterpiece. In 2021, this dedication to preserving our maritime heritage was honoured with the prestigious Tromsø Culture Community Award.

Welcome aboard and be a part of this incredible chapter in Norwegian history!

Location or meeting point

Important information

Meeting time and place

2.15 pm (14:15) Tuesday-Friday
Meeting point: Directly by the boat "Hermes II"

  • Departure from Port/"Kai 10" by Clarion Collection Hotel With in the period 1 June - 21 August 24
  • From 22. august new meeting point by Port/"Kai 12" by Kystens Hus, Stortorget 1


1 hour


  • Storytelling. Get to know the Hermes II story.
  • Peace and quiet on deck. Heated lounge below.
  • Hot beverages (coffee/tea). Other drinks may be purchased on board.
  • Warm blankets and thermal suits if needed.
  • All personal safety gear.

What to bring or wear

For your own comfort we recommend warm clothes. Remember that your head, neck, hands and feet also need to be kept warm.

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