6 Beautiful Places to Pop the Question

Ready to pop the question? There are a few things to consider before proposing to your loved one; when, how and where. We’ll help you with the latter by giving you five gorgeous places, definitely convincing your loved one to say yes. We hope.

1 Lofoten

In one of the world's most beautiful archipelagos, everything is set for a romantic getaway. Among dramatic mountains, beautiful fjords and idyllic fishing villages, it won’t be hard to find the perfect place to ask your significant other one of the most important questions in life: Are you a cat or dog person? Lofoten is also a great place to propose.

2 Romsdalen

What could be better than handing your loved one a massive rock – on top of a massive rock! In the Mountaineering Capital of Åndalsnes you have plenty of beautiful mountain peaks perfect for a proposal. Come back a year later and have the wedding reception at Eggen Restaurant, 708 meters above sea level. Let the gondola transport the happy couple from the bottom of the fjord to the top of the mountain and arrive at your wedding in style.

3 A Magical Ice Hotel

In Kirkenes Snowhotel you can pop the question in a magical winter kingdom – all seasons of the year. Surrounded by ice art and sculptures illuminated in different colours you are bound to find a romantic setting for your proposal. Your surroundings might be cool and chilly but all hearts will melt as soon as you get down on one knee!

4 Hella

Travel back in time and take a stroll among the old timber houses from the 60s. Hella is a popular recreational area along the coast of Tromsø with beautiful scenery and excellent fishing opportunities. Find a nice spot for your proposal – you might just get the finest catch of the day if your partner agrees to tie the knot!

5 Steigen

Take your loved one a hike in beautiful surroundings before getting down on one knee. Or perhaps you want to go kayaking between the islands?

It may be a bit tricky to get the ring over and into your partner’s kayak, but at least you have the opportunity to paddle away quickly if you get a no. Of course, we are rooting for a happy ending and see you paddling off into the sunset together.

6 Under The Northern Lights

If you are planning on popping the questions during winter time, the Northern Lights as a backdrop is hard to beat. It can be a little tricky to plan as you can not exactly order a bit of Aurora Borealis when you want. If lady luck is on your side you could end up with an epic proposal story. Or, for example, you are on your way home from a failed Northern Lights trip, a proposal might just make up for it.

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