Step out of Your Comfort Zone in Romsdalen!

Keen to take on a new challenge in the midst of raw, brutal and beautiful west Norwegian nature?

Romsdalen offers steep mountains, deep blue fjords, lush valleys, and emerald green waters. There are loads of activities for anyone looking for an adventure holiday.


Rampestreken is one of the most popular hikes in the area. Step out onto the steel ramp stretching straight out into the air and enjoy the spectacular views. From this viewing point you will look out over Romsdalshorn and the iconic peaks in the area.

From the ramp you can continue up to Nesaksla and take the gondola back down. Enjoy a fantastic view of beautiful mountains as you are transported back to the fjord.

You can of course take the gondola up If you are looking for a more relaxing ride to the epic scenes.

Istra River

SUP fan? Or is the classic version of this activity missing a bit of thrill to feed your adrenaline rush? If you feel like challenging yourself, you can cross the Istra river in a place with a stronger current. Adding to your adventure you can swim above and below water and make your way through various obstacles.


Before the road opened in 1936, this was an important commuter road connecting Romsdal and Sunnmøre. Starting in Isterdalen this hike is somewhat challenging for most, but if you are fit and up for the adventure you will be rewarded with beautiful sights along the way. Stones steps and chains have been put in place in the most challenging parts as you walk along the Istra River and pass the beautiful Stigfossen Waterfall. Take your time and take in the views!

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