Try Via Ferrata in Romsdalen

Ready for an adventure in the mountains? With Via Ferrata you can experience the Romsdalen mountains in a unique and exciting way.

Via Ferrata, or “iron road” as it is called in Italian, is an adapted climbing route that employs fixed steel cables, rungs bridges and ladders. This gives you the chance to tackle the mountains without being a professional mountain climber.

In Romsdalsstigen you can choose between two Via Ferrata routes: Introveggen and Vestveggen. Both routes offer exciting challenges and a unique view of the spectacular mountains in Romsdalen. During the route, you move the carabiner hooks one by one along a steel wire. Bridges and pegs have been installed in places where natural footholds are missing. Both routes start at Norwegian Tindesenter.


This route is suitable for most and perfect for those who want to try Via Ferrata for the first time. You do not need any previous climbing experience to hone this route, but you must be in normal good physical shape.The route has the difficulty level B on the international Via Ferrata scale and takes approximately 3-4 hours from the start at Norsk Tindesenter until you return. You will climbing for 1-2 hours. See a video from Introveggen here:


Vesteveggen is longer and more challenging than the intro route, so it’s important to be in decent physical condition and to be used to steep terrain. You will be climbing for about 3-4 hours and the route ends at the top of Nesaksla. Ranked as difficulty level this is an epic experience for anyone wanting an exciting adrenaline filled adventure. A bit of climbing experience before tackling this route is welcome, but not required. All you need is a little thirst for adventure. Marvel at the spectacular mountains and feel the adrenaline pump as you make your way to the top.

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