Orca Watching in Tromso, Norway

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Located above the Arctic Circle, Tromso is a prime location for spotting orcas and other wildlife. Every year visitors from all over the world travel to to experience the majesty of these marine creatures.

Is Tromso a Good Place to Spot Orcas?

Tromso is known as one of the best places in the world for spotting orcas. Though they are found in all oceans, there are usually higher numbers of them in colder waters like Antarctica, Norway and Alaska. As they are a migratory species there it is hard to pinpoint how many and where to find them, but Norway, and especially Tromso and the northern regions, is known to have a significant orca population due to their herring rich waters.

The Best Time to See Orcas

It is possible to spot orcas all year round along the Norwegian coast, but it is more common to see larger accumulations of them during periods with lots of herring. The ideal time for orca watching in Tromsø aligns with the whale safari season, which typically lasts from late October to early February. During the winter months, orcas and other whale species migrate to the Norwegian coasts, following the herring, their main food source. This means that winter time is your best chance of seeing whales in their natural habitat, and the peak time for orca safaris.

Other Whale Species to Spot on an Orca Safari

The orca is not the only species who follows the herring. Every winter, the humpback whales travel thousands of kilometres from the Caribbean to the coast of Tromso. This species, known for their playful behaviour, is easily identifiable by their long pectoral fins and distinctive body shape. You may also spot harbour porpoises, fin whales, minke whales and other species while on a tour in Tromso.

How Likely are you to see Whales?

If you want to spot whales you need to meet them on their turf. It is not likely that they will swim to shore to have a meet and greet with you while you are on land. You will find the whales where they fish is – out at sea. By joining a whale safari, you increase your chances of seeing these marvellous creatures in their natural habitat.

Even on a tour there is of course no guarantee that the whales will show up. The whales have a life of their own, and nature can’t be controlled. Either way, you’ll still get to enjoy a beautiful trip, with breathtaking fjords, and a majestic mountain scenery. It is still understandable, when joining a tour like this, that you have a great desire to see one or two magnificent whales breach the surface. On this Whale Watching Safari on a High-Speed Catamaran tour, you can book a second tour for free in case of no whale sightings.

What is the Price of an Orca Tour in Tromso?

The prices can vary depending on the duration of the trip, what’s included, the type and quality of the vessel, the group size and so on. Typically the Tromso whale watching tours will range from approximately 1500 NOK and 3000 NOK. Please note that it is not necessarily recommended to opt for the cheapest options as this may affect the quality of the trip. Do some research and choose a tour that has everything you are looking for.

Choosing a Tour Operator

Respecting animal and marine life is extremely important when venturing out to observe the wildlife. Make sure you choose a tour operator committed to providing eco-conscious experiences and respecting marine life. All Norwegian Travel adhere to the AECO guidelines for whale watching.

Whale Watching Safari on a High-Speed Catamaran

Join a smooth to the whale's wonderland on a comfortable and modern.The fast vessel ensures you are at the whale sighting area before the other tour operators, maximising your time among these magnificent creatures. While cruising to the whale location, you are treated to stunning views of the Lyngen Alps and a captivating, scenic voyage. During the tour you are treated to insightful information about marine life from the knowledgeable guides. In the onboard kiosk there is a big kiosk with a huge selection of snacks and beverages. Relax in plush leather seats, enjoy the complimentary WiFi, and take in stunning views through panoramic windows.

Note: In case you don’t see any whales on your tour, you get to book a second tour for free. Read more and book your tour here.

Overnight Northern Lights & Whale Watching Safari

Experience two major Arctic highlights in one trip! On Quest MV you are part of a small group going beyond the fjord, to experience the Northern Lights and say hello to the majestic whales. This tour begins with an evening adventure where you go straight through the Aurora Oval Zone to find the optimal conditions for Northern Lights viewing. The next day you will wake up to a new adventure, with the possibility of seeing whales right outside your porthole window.

Quest's clever, compact design unlocks extraordinary possibilities, allowing us to access destinations that remain off-limits to larger vessels. All meals, accommodation, whale watching and Northern Lights chase are all included in the prices. Read more and book your tour here.

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