Reindeer Sledding Tours in Tromso

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Want to know more about reindeer sledding tours in Tromso? During winter Camp Tamok, our Tromso wilderness centre, is the start and end point for a range of winter activities by huskies, reindeer and snowmobile. Visit the camp and experience the real Arctic.

Reindeer Sledding Tours – Experience a Piece of The Nordic Culture

Reindeer sledding is one of the oldest transportation forms in the north and a huge part of the Sami culture. The indigenous people of Norway have always lived their lives in touch with nature, though today most of them have modern jobs. Now 2600 of the 40 000 Samis living in Norway make a living or supplement their income through reindeer herding. There are a range of tours to choose from, both with day time and evening departures. Let's take a closer look at the differences.

Reindeer Sledding Daytime

During daytime you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery to the fullest as you sled past deep blue fjords and the mighty mountains of Tromso. The reindeer tours is a true cultural adventure allowing you to dip your toe into the vast pool of Sami culture and history. Kick back and relax in the back of the sled as the Arctic reindeer lead the way through the snowy terrain. Learn about the Samis way of living and try your hand at lasso throwing – an ancient technique the guides know as well as the back of their hand. Are you able to catch your target? It's harder than it looks, but with a little practice this could be your new party trick. Get to know your new antler team even better – make your way over to their close group of friends by offering them their favourite snack. Finish the day off with a nice meal around the open fire in the reindeer herder's tent – in a true Northern Norwegian setting.

Reindeer Sledding Evening

The evening tours will include the same activities as the daytime departure – reindeer sledding, introduction to lasso throwing, reindeer feeding and information about the sami culture. And of course – a nice hot meal around the fire Northern Norwegian style. As this tour takes place during the evening on a cold and dark Tromso winter night, you won’t be able to see as much of your surroundings as you would during daytime. However – you might be accompanied by the most epic guest you could ever wish for. If Lady Aurora decides to show up, the Northern Lights will dance above you as the reindeer pull the sled through the epic surroundings in complete silence.

Combine a Reindeer Aventure With a Tromsø Ice Domes Visit

Next to Camp Tamok you will also find the magical Tromsø Ice Domes. This ice hotel is rebuilt every year for the winter season – each year with a new theme. Consisting of different ice suites, restaurants, bar and cinema, you can easily spend hours at the ice hotel looking at the ice art and sculptures lighting up in different colours.

tromsø ice domes, ice hotel tromsø
Tromsø Ice Domes

Take a guided tour in the winter magic and experience something quite out of the ordinary. The guide will greet you at the door and tell you everything you need to know about how the ice hotel is built and share knowledge about the local wildlife and the impact the snow has on them. Outside Tromsø Ice Domes there is a small reindeer herd where you can have a little meet and greet with the beautiful animals. The visit is free – no extra charge – and included in the trip price, but please note that there is no reindeer sledding or reindeer petting included in this trip.

Popular Reindeer Combination Tours

Why stop at one activity? As long as you are in the gorgeous Tamok Valley you might as well make the most out of your adventure and combine different Arctic adventure tours. In Tromso there is room for more than “once in a lifetime activity” in one trip. The Ice Dome and Reindeer Visit Tours can be combined with dog sledding, snowmobiling or snowshoeing. Please note that there is no reindeer sledding or petting involved in this tour.

Dog sledding:

Before the dog sledding activity starts, you will be tucked into warm and nice winter clothing from top to bottom. Mittens, balaclava, winter overall suites and warm winter boots – we will wrap you in like a kebab if that is what it takes to help you brave the Arctic winter. Once you are suited up we will give you a brief telling you how to steer dog sled – what to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do.

dog sledding tromsø tour
Dog Sledding is Another Authentic Transportation Form in The North

Don’t worry, though, steering a dog sled is not too hard and we will teach you everything you need to know. No previous experience needed, but it’s important that you have a normal physical condition. Dog sledding is an active experience and you will need to get off the sled and help push at times – up steep hills or if the sled gets stuck in the snow. Oh and there is one more thing you need: a sense of adventure.


For this activity we will provide you with a state of the art snowmobiling suit and helmet in addition to mittens and boots. Once we have gone through the safety instructions and demonstration you will be ready to start your adventure. There is no need for any previous skills, all you need is a valid drivers licence, a normal physical condition and a thirst for thrills.

Snowmobile tour Tromsø norway
Go for a Joyride on The Scooter of The North

There will be two people per snowmobile, one will get to relax and live their best life in the back seat while the other will be in charge of the steering wheel. There are plenty of chances to swap places during the trip. Take a joyride through the snow-covered Finn Valley slowly climbing up to the majestic mountains. You will be out on the snowy terrain for about two hours depending on the weather and the condition.


This light tour takes you out to the Arctic wilderness for a little snowshoeing adventure. The tour will be adjusted after your wants and needs. If you are up for a challenge we’ll always be able to find some deep snow to make the walk more demanding and more adventurous.

With the stylish tennis rackets (or snowshoes if you will) on our feet we will make our way over to a nature camp. Here you will pull your weight as a wilderness champ by helping the guide chop wood, start a fire and cook lunch. Once you are full you will be shown some nifty survival skills and learn how to sleep comfortably through the night, what to eat and how to find your way home. These are just some of the skills you will learn to be able to master the icy cold Arctic wilderness.

snowshoeing tour tromsø
The Snowshoe Tour is Nice and Easy, Suitable For All

For our activities we always advise our guests to dress according to the season and in layers so you can adjust your clothing to the weather conditions. We can of course offer you some nice and warm winter clothes if necessary.

After the activity of your choice you’ll go for a tour at Tromsø Ice Domes and you can wander over and say hello to the Arctic reindeer when you are ready. Make sure you introduce yourself by name, so they remember you the next time you are visiting. Because you are coming back, right?

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