Road trip in Norway – from Bergen to Romsdalen

Planning a road trip through Norway? This scenic route goes from Bergen to Trondheim via Voss, Gaularfjellet, Stryn, Geiranger, Trollstigen and Romsdalen.

With a duration of 14 hours, this is far from the fastest route to get from Bergen to Romsdalen, but it’s definitely the most beautiful option. Treat yourself to a spectacular detour through the elongated country and see some of Norway's most beautiful gems along the way.


Bergen is known for its rich history, charming wooden houses and the seven mountains towering over the city. Highlights include Fløien, Ulriken, Fisketorget and Bryggen.


About 110 kilometers from Bergen you will find the green and enchanting village of Voss. In VossVind - Norway's first vertical, recirculating wind tunnel, you can check out an airy adventure you're bound to remember. The Voss Gondola transports you from the train station to the top of Hangurstoppen, about 820 meters above sea level – fantastic views of the green village included.


The road to Gaularfjellet takes you on a narrow winding journey through scenic surroundings with beautiful farms and mighty waterfalls. The stretch between Balestrand and Moskog is an official national tourist route.

Drive along the protected Gaular Watercourse with hefty waterfalls in between the calmer parts. Step out of your car and take a stroll along the 21-kilometer waterfall path while enjoying the lush surroundings, cultural landscapes and farms


In the heart of Nordfjord you will find the beautiful village Stryn, the perfect base for mountain and water experiences. Go skiing during summer and winter, thanks to Stryn Sommerski. Go on an excursion to Selje by the coast or to the massive Sunnmøre Alps. Try delicacies from local producers and enjoy the adventurous surroundings.

Gamle Strynefjellsvegen

This is the second national tourist route on this stretch taking you through a magnificent landscape surrounded by steep peaks and majestic mountains. With handmade stone walls and other engineering structures from ancient times, you will feel like you are travelling back in time.


Thanks to the steep mountains on each side of the blue Geirangerfjord, this is an exceptionally beautiful natural area. It’s easy to see why this fjord has ended up on the UNESCO World Heritage List. With more than 700 000 visitors each year, the Geirangerfjord is one of Norway's most popular tourist destinations.


If you want, you can take a detour to one of the world's busiest rides. On this national tourist route, you’ll make your way through 11 sharp hairpin bends cutting through the raw western nature. Leave your car, go to the viewpoint Trollstigen and feel a proper adrenaline rush looking out on the dramatic west Norwegian scenery.


The Romsdalen area offers steep mountains, towering peaks and deep valleys. This is the perfect base for an active holiday. Let the Romsdalen Gondola transport you from the fjord to the mountains while the incredible views punch you in the stomach. Enjoy a meal at Eggen Restaurant, 708 meters above sea level. Hike to Rampestreken and enjoy the view of Åndalsnes from the 20 metre long steel bridge reaching straight out into the air.

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