Top Dates in Romsdalen

Romsdalen is known for steep mountains and adventurous nature experiences. The beautiful nature is also the ultimate dating ground for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors.

What about taking your date to the next level and reach new heights – literally. Marvel at the view of beautiful mountain peaks while you enjoy each other's company.


This blue-green water is located at the foot of Bispefjellet, approximately an hour's walk from the Trollstigen viewing point. A short, but eventful trip – brief enough not to run out of things to talk about, and pretty enough for it to be worth the trip regardless of how the date is going.

From Bispevatnet you will have a great view of the majestic Alnes Mountain. If the date is going well, you can continue further into the gorge between the Bishop and the King. If you feel the date has reached its expiration date, just turn around and go back.


One of Norway's most beautiful mountain hikes takes you through raw western nature and spectacular surroundings. This is a rough trip lasting about 5-8 hours, which might be a big commitment for a first date. (You can’t exactly pretend to get an emergency call from a friend and bolt halfway through the hike). But with someone you have known for a bit, it might be just enough time for the sparks to start flying? If the date does not go well, you can still enjoy the view of famous peaks such as Romsdalshorn, Kongen, Dronningen and Trolltindene.


The philosopher Arne Næss meant that Litlefjellet gives you the best rewards possible compared to how little you have to work for it. A philosopher may not be the most romantic reference for your date, but when you are standing at the top overlooking Venjetindene, Romsdalshorn and Blånebba, you will get what he meant. This hike gives you premium views in exchange for very little effort!

Nordre Trolltind

Another intense hike taking all the way to the top of the valley. This adventure lasts 6-9 hours and is perfect for everyone looking for a long day in the mountains. Treat your date to an epic packed lunch you have prepared in advance and enjoy each other's company in beautiful surroundings.

At the top you can enjoy the steep views down to Romsdalen and look straight into Trollveggen. Here you get to experience the rough western Norway at its best. Just like Romsdalseggen, this is a hike that is recommended for someone who knows each other a little better. The 9 hours can feel like an eternity if you end up filling them with awkward silence or bad vibes.

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