Amazing Fjord Cruises in Tromso

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Ready to explore the beautiful Tromso fjords? A fjord cruise lets you come closer to the local wildlife and stunning nature around the Tromso islands.

Join a Cruise

Cruise past striking mountains through the still waters. Spot whales playing in the ocean. Watch the mighty sea eagles glide through the sky. See Lady Aurora Dance above you. Marvel at the beautiful sceneries surrounding you.

Choose Between a Range of Boat Tours

Tromso has different boat excursions to choose from depending on the season. During winter you can go on a whale safari and watch the mighty sea creatures play in the water. Or chase the Northern Lights and watch the sky light up in the green dancing colours. During summer there are several cruises allowing you to go ashore, explore the islands as well as learn about the local wildlife and nature. You can also go on a sea eagle safari and watch this magnificent predator up close.

Hop on a Northern Lights Cruise

Dreaming of seeing the Green Diva first hand? In Tromso you don’t have to travel far to find Lady Aurora showing off her best dance moves. Joining a cruise is definitely a comfortable and chill way to catch the lights. How about joining a Northern Lights Photo Cruise? Set sail from Tromso harbour and join our crew as we navigate towards the clear sky above the Tromso fjords. The guides will help set up the camera for you and as soon as the Green Lady decides it’s time to start dancing, you can snap your million dollar shot.

Join the Aurora Dinner Cruise for a dark and magic evening at sea. Cruise around the Tromso Islands, past towering mountains, and well known landmarks like the Arctic Cathedral. Come closer to the mystical world below the surface as we launch the underwater drone. Enjoy a fresh take on traditional Nordic dishes with Arctic tapas based on local ingredients.

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Go on a Whale Watching Safari

Have you ever seen the majestic sea mammals up close as they play in the water? Meet the whales at their favourite feeding ground outside the coast of Tromso. Every winter the gracious humpback whales return to the coast of Tromso after a summer holiday in the caribbean. Here the whales mate, give birth and have the time of their lives in the warm sea. But there is one thing missing from their all-inclusive holiday package deal – food. And this is why they come to Tromso – they follow the herring.

How about a Whale and Arctic Wildlife Safari?

Join a Whale and Arctic Wildlife Safari for the chance to spot the magnificent humpback whales as well as orcas, harbour porpoises and more. The whales follow the fish and we follow the whales. The route we choose will differ from the day to day based on the weather conditions and probability to see whales. With our hybrid engined boats you can also go on a Silent Whale Watching tour. As we get nearer the whales we will switch to an electric engine allowing you to get closer to the rulers of the sea with minimal disturbance to marine life. During the trip an underwater drone will capture the images and sounds of the whales during the trip. Relax in the comfortable lounges and take in the winter landscapes through the panoramic windows. Join us on deck when the giant mammals break through the surface to say hello.

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Check out some of our Tromso cruises

Set sail on a Sightseeing Cruise

Join an Arctic Fjord Cruise on a hybrid-electric boat and cruise through the fjords of Tromso in silence. Come closer to the wildlife below surface as we launch an underwater drone to explore the mystic deep blue sea. Step ashore a local fishing village and get acquainted with the local history of the Norwegian coastal towns. The hybrid-electric reduces the noise and vibration allowing us to cause minimal disturbance to the marine life.

Hop aboard the MS Strøndstad for a Sightseeing Cruise Around Tromso Island! Learn all about the sights, landmarks and the wildlife surrounding you. Hang out on the deck, enjoy the scenery and snap some pictures under the midnight sun. Enjoy a nice sauna or relax in the jacuzzi as you go.

Sea Eagle Safari in Sommaroy

Cruise along the islands and cliffs of the archipelago in search of the majestic sea eagles. The tour starts in the city centre of Tromso where you will be picked up and taken on a scenic drive to Sommaroy. On the way, we make a stop at Hella, a popular historical area along the coast. Here you will receive a lunch package to bring with you on the tour. From Sommaroy, we start exploring the amazing scenery of the archipelago as well as our search for sea eagles by boat. With a wingspan ranging up over two metres, viewing this bird up close is a majestic and unforgettable sight.

A History Lesson You Can Cruise Through!

Interested in boats? History buff? This history lesson is so chill you can cruise through it! Literally. Jump aboard the beautifully restored wooden boat Hermes II for a Fjord & History Cruise. Marvel at the Tromso from the seaside, and learn more about the history of the boat and the places we pass. This is an excellent trip for anyone who loves a day at the sea or is passionate about old boats and Norwegian history.

The Photo & History Cruise combines some superb photo spots handpicked by our guides together with unique history of the authentic old wooden boat. Hermes the II was built in 1917 and has been restored with modern technology and facilities. This trip is great for photography enthusiasts in search of epic nature pics and anyone interested in boats and history.

Fishing & Fjord Cruise

Ready to reel in the catch of the day? Join a Fishing and Fjord cruise on the epic Hermes II – the beautiful restored wooden boat. Bring your fishing pole or borrow equipment onboard and sink your line. The peace and quiet out at sea combined with a day of fishing is hard to beat – perfect for anyone who wants to try their luck at securing tonight’s dinner. Learn all about the interesting history of the charming boat and enjoy the stunning scenery we cruise past.

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