Atlantic Ocean Road, Trollstigen and Geiranger

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When travelling through one of the world’s most beautiful countries, you’ll quickly realise the true meaning behind the quote “It’s not about the destination – it's about the journey”. In Western Norway you can explore some of our country's most epic and most scenic car rides – all in one trip.

Stretching straight out into the open sea, The Atlantic Ocean Road, is one of Norway’s most popular tourist attractions. The journey has previously been named the world’s most beautiful car ride by The Guardian, and it’s easy to see why. During the 8.3 kilometres you’ll get to experience amazing nature, immaculate sea views and the fresh smell of the ocean. The route connects Averoy with Vevang and cuts through eight bridges, islands, islets and reefs. On the entire journey you will be accompanied by beautiful sea views in every direction.

This spectacular stretch of road is one of Norway's 18 selected national tourist routes. The route offers a unique experience for anyone who wants to explore the beautiful landscape along the coast, with fjords, mountains and waterfalls. There are plenty of surprises to discover along the Atlantic Ocean Road. Park your car and take a stroll among the “floating walking path”. Thanks to the amazing bridge, you can take a 700 metre long walk right at the edge of the sea while “hovering” over the terrain.

Must see experiences

The viewing point in Askevagen, made of steel and thick glass, offers great protection against the breaking sea. The structure sticks out among the beautiful scenery giving us an interesting combination of an impressive construction and gorgeous nature. Hold on to your hat as you get up close and personal with the mighty forces of the Atlantic Ocean.

Or perhaps you want to visit idyllic Haholmen? This island lets you experience an authentic fishing village and try delicious local food. If you want to extend the experience, you can spend the night at Haholmen Havstuer. Stay in small charming houses dating back to the 18th century and treat yourself to a nice stockfish meal.

In the small village, Vevang, you can visit Columna Transatlantica. Shaped like a worm, this 90 metre long work of art, made of marble, definitely stands out as it winds its way through the beautiful landscape.

The Atlantic Ocean Road is a perfect starting point for anyone looking for an active holiday. Farstadsanden in Hustadvika offers a range of activities such as mountain hikes, kayaking, climbing, cycling, surfing and kiting. Alternatively, you can visit Andalsnes, the summit capital in Romsdalen, for more adventurous experiences.

Experience Romsdalen

Known as the mountaineering capital, Andalsnes in Romsdalen offers sharp peaks and beautiful nature wherever you go. Catch a lift with the Romsdalen Gondola while enjoying a 360 degree view of mighty mountains and beautiful fjords. Or follow the sherpa steps from the centre of Andalsnes and stop by the iconic Rampestreken. This legendary steel ramp breaks out of the rock wall straight into the open air. Enjoy amazing views of the surrounding mountains while you feel the wind beneath your wings. Read more about Rampestreken.

Endless adventures await in Romsdalen. Explore the mountains in new and challenging ways by Via Ferrata, or take a relaxing SUP tour in scenic surroundings. Bring a husky for a nice mountain hike or try dog sledding during winter.


Norway's most visited tourist route, Trollstigen, cuts through rough, wild and beautiful nature, offering endless amazing views. This is part of the national route Trollstigveien, 140 kilometre stretch of road connecting Valldal in Sunnmore and Andalsnes in Romsdalen. With eleven sharp hairpin bends and dizzying views, Trollstigen is known for being one of the world's most epic drives. Read more about Trollstigen.

Spectacular experiences await in each of the eleven hairpin bends winding up the mountainside. On the viewing platform, even the toughest of the tough can feel the thrills punch them in the gut when taking in the dramatic western scenery. Make your way through the turns by car or grab a bike and battle your way to the top. Or perhaps you want to experience Trollstigen on a guided bus tour?

A guided bus tour lets you sit back and enjoy the views while the bus makes its way up through the bends. At the same time, the guide will tell you useful information about the area you are driving through and share the most incredible stories from the Trollstigen. At the top, you have one hour to spend as you like – make sure to take plenty of photos from the viewing platform.


The stretch between Trollstigen and Geiranger is often referred to as “The Golden Route”. With deep fjords and steep mountains you will feel like the beautiful landscapes go on forever and ever. Step out on the Ornesvingen lookout point and get an incredible view of the beautiful Geiranger Fjord – listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. In Geiranger you can take a ferry ride on the fjord and get close to dramatic waterfalls such as Dei sju systre, Friaren and Brudesloret.

Western Norway is not short of magical adventures for any nature lover. With beautiful views, steep mountains, deep fjords and spectacular waterfalls, a road trip through these areas is definitely one to remember.

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