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Step onto Rampestreken – the 20-metre long steel ramp stretching straight out into the open air – and feel the wind beneath your wings, 537 meters above sea level. Gorgeous views await at the end of this popular hike.

A must see

Stopping by the legendary steel ramp is a must when visiting the mountaineering capital of Åndalsnes. The hike starts in the city centre where you have two choices. You can either take the "shortcut" up with the Romsdalen Gondola or follow the path up the Romsdalen steps to Nesaksla. This hike is a nice option for a family outing, and is suitable for most ages. It is still recommended that children has some hiking experience before bringing them to Rampestreken, especially younger children.

The Rampestreken viewpoint

The hike up to Rampestreken is rated as "moderately demanding" as you are walking uphill most of the way. Romsdalstrappa "The Romsdalen steps" makes the hike easier parts of the way. The stone steps are built by Sherpas from Nepal in the traditional way, and the railing gives you the needed support on the roughests parts. The steep journey can be tiring for anyone, and the higher up you go, the steeper it gets. For most people the hike takes around two hours to complete. There are several benches and natural stops along the way, so take breaks whenever needed.

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Ready for the next step?

As you reach the viewpoint, you might feel the adrenaline rushing and your legs shaking as you walk onto Rampestreken. This 20-metre-long steel ramp shoots out of the mountain wall, stretching straight out into the open air. Rampestreken is of course a mandatory selfie stop. Make sure you take every possible picture in every possible angle. When you're done enjoying the view and have enough photos to fill your Instafeed for a couple of days, you can continue walking an extra 15-20 minutes up to Nesaksla. This mountain towers 708 meters above the beautiful fjord and is the ending point for the Romsdalen Gondola.

Nesaksla Mountain

At Nesaksla, everything is set for new and exciting experiences. Treat yourself to a bite to eat at Eggen Restaurant, and marvel at gorgeous mountain views in every direction.The menu is based on the local ingredients that are in season at the moment. Enjoy a nice meal and soak in the 360-degree view of majestic peaks such as Romsdalshorn, Store Vengetind and Kirketaket.

When you are ready to make a move, you continue the adventure one of many hiking paths on Nesaksla. Once you are done exploring, you can return to the centre of Åndalsnes via the same path you walked up. Or you can take the gondola down and enjoy the surroundings 100 meters above the ground.

The Romsdalen Gondola – Catch a lift to incredible views

Norway's longest skylift brings you to the top of the mountain in five minutes, and offers fantastic views of massive mountains and lush valleys. Take the shortcut to some of the most iconic nature experiences in the area.

Thanks to the Romsdalen Gondola, the fantastic mountain areas have become more accessible to more people – and their dogs. During the high season (roughly from April to November), this place is packed. You can bring your four-legged companion on the gondola for an extra charge. The gondola is open all year round.

Combining the experience with Romsdalseggen

Romsdalseggen is a popular hiking destination starting in Vengedalen in Isfjorden, and ending at Nesaksla. Please note that it's not recommended to walk the route the opposite way due to the narrow paths. This hike takes around 5-8 hours, and you get epic views of iconic peaks such as Romsdalshorn, Kongen, Dronningen, Bispen and Trolltindene along the way. And remember‚ in Romsdalen, no matter which path you follow, you will always be surrounded by fantastic surroundings.

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