Best Things to do in Romsdalen

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Majestic mountains, chill nature experiences and action filled adventures. Experience the striking West-Norwegian nature in Romsdalen – amongst sharp peaks and deep fjords.


Make your way through 11 hairpin bends on Trollstigveien – one of Norway's most majestic stretches.Get behind the wheel and explore new thrills around every corner. Or get a bike and battle your way to the top by the use of pure muscle power. On top of the Trollstigen viewing platform, even the toughest of the tough can feel their legs shake a bit.
How about exploring Trollstigen on a guided bus tour
? Listen to the exciting storytelling when the guide updates you on historical and current events.


Enjoy the feeling of speed, excitement and saltwater in your hair on a thrilling RIB safari. Take in the beautiful views of the countryside while the driver tells you everything you need to know about the area you are traveling through. Choose between a 1,5 hour RIB safari or a 2.5 hour RIB safari.

The Romsdalen Gondola

The Romsdalen gondola makes the beautiful nature experiences in Romsdalen more easy to access. Norway's longest skylift transports you to the top of Nesaksla while you enjoy a 360 degree view of the mighty mountains. At the top, new nature experiences await – hike to the thrilling viewpoint of Rampestreken or dine above the clouds at Eggen Restaurant. Read more and book your gondola ticket here.

Eggen Restaurant

This restaurant is located at the top of Nesaksla – 708 meters above sea level. The menu is made up from whichever local ingredients that happen to be in season. Enjoy a nice meal while enjoying spectacular mountain views in every direction. It’s possible to rent the the venue for weddings, Christmas parties and conferences – for anyone looking to take their events to the next level. Literally. Read more and book a table at Eggen Restaurant.

Yoga on the Mountain

Join a yoga class out of the ordinary. Find inner peace in a special location on top of the mountain. At Eggen Restaurant a certified yoga instructor will introduce you to hatha, vinyasa or yin yoga, white the surrounding mountains tower over you. When the class is over, you will get to enjoy a delicious vegan smoothie. Now, with a new found energy boost, you can continue to enjoy the wonderful nature experience in the area. Read more and book Yoga on the Mountain.

Guided Hike with Huskies at Kløvstien

Try a new and rewarding nature experience! Join us for a hike through the historic Kløvstien together with your very own husky. This four-legged companion is strong and used to pulling, so you will get excellent help when hiking up the hills. On their backs, the huskies will have a pack of equipment, drinks and freshly baked cinnamon rolls from Eggen Restaurant. Join us and enjoy fantastic nature in furry company! Read more and book guided hike with huskies.

Romsdalseggen – Norway's most beautiful mountain hike?

There are a number of beautiful mountain hikes in the area, and Romsdalseggen is perhaps the most well known. This narrow route is one of Norway's most beautiful mountain hikes and allows you to experience some of the region's most spectacular mountains and amazing views. Si how to see famous mountains like the King, Queen and Bishop and enjoy a fantastic view over Romsdalshorn, Trolltindene and Romsdalsfjorden.

Rampestreken – a Thrilling Viewing Point

Still haven’t visited Rampestreken? Step onto the 20-metre long steel ramp stretching straight out into the open air and take in the view of fjords and mountains. This is a short but fairly steep hike lasting for about 1.5 hours. A fantastic reward awaits 537 meters above sea level. When you are done enjoying the view, you can hike the remaining 15-20 minutes up to Nesaksla. Here you will find more nature experiences, Eggen Restaurant and the gondola's upper station.


From the ragged peaks in Åndalsnes, Atlanterhavsveien is not far away. This unique stretch of road takes you straight out to sea through 8 bridges, islands, islets and reefs. This is one of Norway's most beautiful road trips where you can enjoy beautiful sea views in all directions.

Hammock Experience at the foot of Trollstigen

Dreaming of falling asleep under stars? Sleep in a hammock between the trees by the Istra River and rock yourself to sleep as you breathe in the fresh air. Wake up to the sound of birds chirping and the sun shining on your face. Does drifting off to dream land to lovely views of Trollstigen and magnificent mountains such as Bispen, Kongen and Dronninga sound tempting? Read more and book your hammock Experience at the foot of Trollstigen.

Guided Snowshoe and Gondola Ticket

The winter months cover Romsdalen in thick white velvet and open the door to new activities by the mountains and fjords. Combine a trip with the Romsdal gondola with a unique snowshoeing trip at the top of the mountain! Whether you are an experienced snowshoeing hero or are putting them on for the first time, this is an experience suitable for both children and adults of all ages. Read your and book your Guided Snowshoe and Gondola Ticket.

Dog Sledding with Siberian Huskies at The Foot of Trollstigen

The perfect activity for anyone wanting to try dog sledding for the first time. Trust your four-legged friends as you drive your own dog sled between sharp peaks in an enchanted and magical landscape. After the dog sledding we will sit down by the fire and relax with a hot cup of chocolate and warm cinnamon rolls. Read more and book Dog Sledding with Siberian Huskies at The Foot of Trollstigen.

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