The Golden Train: Embark on an Epic Journey

Get ready for an adventure that'll sweep you off your feet as you hop aboard the Golden Train, the newest sensation in Norway's scenic tourism scene. Following the renowned Rauma Railway route, this ride guarantees a blend of jaw-dropping scenery and captivating tales from Norway's wartime past.

The Rauma Railway snakes through Norway's most awe-inspiring landscapes, earning itself the title of "Europe’s most scenic train journey" by Lonely Planet. And trust us, the views along the way are nothing short of spectacular.

As you hop onto the Golden Train at Åndalsnes Station, prepare to be spellbound at every turn. Drink in the beauty of the Rauma River as it winds its way through lush valleys, cross the iconic Kylling Bridge, gaze up at the towering cliffs of Trollveggen, and marvel at the majestic Verma Waterfall tumbling down from the mountains.

But this journey isn't just about the views – it’s about the stories too. Named after the daring evacuation of Norway's gold reserves during World War II, the Golden Train offers a glimpse into Norway's wartime struggles and triumphs. Hear tales of bravery and resilience as you journey through landscapes steeped in history.

As you travel through Romsdalen, it's like stepping onto a movie set. Follow in the footsteps of Hollywood stars as you traverse bridges and landscapes featured in blockbuster films. Whether it's Tom Cruise's daring stunts or Harry Potter's magical adventures, the Golden Train brings movie magic to life against Norway's stunning backdrop.

So, hop aboard and let your imagination run wild as you explore Norway's past and present. With every mile, you'll understand why this route is hailed as one of Europe's most breathtaking experiences, leaving you with memories that'll last a lifetime.

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