Romsdalen – a Must Stop Destination

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Norway – the land of the mountains, fjords, lakes and valleys. Blessed with remarkable nature and astonishing views from south to north, it can be tricky to decide where to stop and which places to skip as your journey through Norway. Let’s look at a few reasons why Romsdalen and the nearby areas should be added to your list of stops in the land of natural beauty.

With striking nature and exciting activities, Romsdalen has something in store for everyone. Whether you are looking for an action filled mountain experience, a chill SUP tour, or want to follow one of many hiking paths you are in for an adventure.

Trollstigen – A car ride like no other

The infamous Trollstigen road cuts through the dramatic West Norwegian scenery offering numerous highlights along the way. Make your way through eleven sharp hairpin bends twisting its way up the mountain. The Stigfossen waterfall, plunging from the top of Isterdalen, with a vertical drop of 180 metres, is just one of many remarkable sights to explore. Exciting adventures await in every nook and corner of this thrilling serpentine mountain road.

Get behind the wheel or rent a bike and battle your way through all the turns and twists of this exciting stretch. Hovering 200 metres above the road, the Trollstigen viewing platform offers the best possible views of the dramatic mountain lying before you. Follow the walkway to the plateau subtly blending into nature, feel the breeze and marvel at the spectacular nature. Get a bite to eat at Trollstigen café and pick up local handcrafts at the souvenir shop. Read more about Trollstigen here.


Included on Lonely Planet’s list of the most beautiful hikes in the world, Romsdalseggen offers gorgeous views from start to finish. Walk along the rigid mountain edge, above the mist, and marvel at mighty peaks in every direction. The highlights along the Romsdalseggen hike are plenty and mighty.

Enjoy a panoramic view of Romsdalshorn, Isterdalen and Isfjorden. Say hello to the King, Queen and Bishop mountains. Experience Trollveggen, Europe's tallest vertical rock face, up close. Finish the day off with a splendid meal at Eggen Restaurant, on top of Nesaksla mountain, and catch a ride back to the town centre with the gondola. Read more about Romsdalseggen here.

Catch a lift to the top of Romsdalen

The Romsdalen Gondola lifts you from the gentle fjords to the top of Nesaksla Mountain while you marvel at majestic peaks and lush valleys. At the top of Nesaksla you can continue your adventures. Go for a hiking adventure and soak in the natural beauty. Dine above the clouds at Eggen Restaurant, 708 metres above sea level and enjoy incredible views.


Stretching 20 metres straight out into the open air, this steel ramp is a must see landmark and a mandatory photo stop. You can hike up to Rampestreken by following the sherpa steps from Åndalsnes centre, which is approximately a 2 hour hike. Alternatively you can catch a ride with the gondola and hike for about 15 minutes. down from Nesaksla Mountain Read more about the Rampestreken here.

Atlantic Ocean Road

About a two hour drive from Åndalsnes, Romsdalen you will find “The road in the ocean”, offering endless beautiful thrills on a 8.3 kilometre stretch. Drive through islands, islets and reefs with the help of 8 bridges, and take in the stunning ocean view. Known as one of the most beautiful drives in the world, this road offers incredible nature sights meshed with masterful architecture and true engineering brilliance. Check out the viewing platform in Askevagen and get close and personal with the powerful Atlantic Ocean.


Geirangerfjord is one of Norway's most popular tourist destinations, and every year more than 700 000 eager globetrotters visit this stunning fjord. Listed on UNESCO World Heritage List this remarkable area is definitely worth stopping by. Go on a sightseeing boat tour, try kayaking or explore the stunning nature by foot. Geiranger is about a 2.5 hour drive from Åndalsnes, Romsdalen, making it easy to combine both destinations on your road trip through Norway.

Endless adventures

No matter which path you choose to follow Romsdalen, you will be surrounded by striking nature. From sharp mountain peaks, to the deep blue fjord and the unique Rauma River, swept in an emerald green attire, the nature adventure never ends. Join a RIB safari and feel the rush on an action filled sightseeing tour. Explore the mountain wall on an epic via ferrata route. Relax on a SUP tour or go for a yoga class on top of the mountain. Travel along Raumabanen – Europe’s most scenic railway. Go hiking with huskies or try dog sledding during winter. Fall asleep under the stars in a hammock and continue the adventures the next day.

Sleep in a hammock at the foot of Trollstigen
Sleep in a hammock at the foot of Trollstigen
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